Sunday, December 10, 2006

SO, IN THE BEGINNING........................... part VI
Mrs. Rosemary Naidoo,
Ethekwini Electricity
Jelf Taylor Crescent
28th October, 2005.
Dear Mrs. Naidoo
Please be so kind as to give this small gift to Mike Oliver of your Pinetown Security Section.
I would also inform you that I am distributing copies of four letters addressed to the Electricity Dept. (todays being the second written and delivered to Mr. Howard Whitehead) far and wide until such time as I receive a reply to these letters.
Whilst I do see that some of the employees considered the whole matter to be some sort of joke, I no longer find it amusing at all and refuse to allow the matter to be swept under the carpet.
Please note that the letter delivered today addressed to Mr. Whitehead personally has also been signed by my husband, Mr. PA Lovejoy as the account holder.
If you are able to obtain permission to call me I should be delighted to discuss the whole bizarre situation with you. If however, you are advised not to get in touch with me, kindly advise Mr. Whitehead that I intend continuing to distribute the correspondence to schools, banks, malls and the general public in an effort to warn other potential victims.
I thank you kindly,
Jane Lovejoy.
And this was about where it all fell apart ...*laffin...... where to start hmm..... ok the small gift was the picture id done called Mike & the Mthinyane Mechanics.(see archives) A dodgier bunch you would be hard put to find...Got some brilliant photos of these dudes as they were installing one of the monitoring systems on Bali's streetlight way back on the same day I attended my very first CPF Meeting ....
And distribute the sets of letters I did indeed.... Some of the recipients were VERY interested in the details. Of course this is an ongoing mission and I have now a far wider audience to reach.
At this point the audio monitoring in our house proved its worth BigTime! When nagging my husband for the gerzillionth time about this situation he clearly and audibly stated that he had only signed the previous letter to Mr. Whitehead 'under duress'... (ie. nagged to death). A deathly hush fell and that was more or less that *cackles....... the crooks knew immediately that they were in the clear. Now you begin to see why my dear husband is also known as the Game Wrecker? heheh...
Naturally it was a setback but it certainly didnt stop me, just slowed me down a tad.....
Published Sunday 10th December, 2006.