Thursday, December 21, 2006

This would be my second attempt at describing this mornings strangeness....
Full cloud cover at 4.00am and the air so thick my inner ears vibrate. Sounds like a colony of crickets down by the storm water drain, competing with the fellas in my head.
The huge, orange antennae lights over at the Senior Boys Hostel couldn't be seen and it was almost, but not quite, pitch dark that side. Possibly wet shrubs masking something after the deluge last night, but most unusual nonetheless.
Their twins however, were still on, on the building behind St. Theresa's garage.
For what its worth - in 2005, when you guys were still fumbling about down by Cassim's?and i was sitting out the front? Both my hands would burn and die and the nausea was constant.. After all this time it seems to be only my right hand that is so badly affected. When I use the mouse, cell or landline I almost always, feel the onset of pins and needles immediately. Same with the hairdryer or any handheld appliance.
I AM aware of the amazing powers of the mind and the term psychosymatic heh. You Think?
As I sat in Harry's chair, writing this - not 20 feet away from the treated section of Clive's bathroom wall, my hand became steadily more numb. WTF???
I had been up to the top and come back down to make coffee when mon Capitanos house-alarm pierced the morning air. WTF X 2?
Kitt ii stood glowing at the top of his drive.
See, I have this crazed theory that I was somehow 'contaminated' at the same time you nailed Basil so neatly and that the residue, if you will, that clings to me and Penny still, exacerbates our reactions to the radiowaves in overcast weather? Ag, whatever......
As there were no actual deaths (?) this is not really of much interest to you right?
Cliff Haupt's wife? She had a history? She wasn't home when she died?
Gem died to escape, though her old man's 5 mini strokes during 2005 (Direct Line of Sight to EVERYTHING), wouldnt have made her life any easier...*sigh....
The rush of freedom as I head out onto the road and find the GameWrecker has filled my tank to the brim! Wundebar! The yellow markers on the streetlight cowlings are pretty much everywhere though its now force of habit to look for an elusive red or white marker. Unlikely I shall ever see another since Bali's was removed.
The matter of having enough bandwidth over Christmas and the New Year? The GameWrecker had insisted all week he could buy it online from iBurst haha.... I had argued as fiercely that it couldnt be done. So, by the time I arrived at the tradepage gates in Pinetown this morning - I knew that I was expected.
A short visit and highly amusing.
Suffice to say that they are sortof [chokes,] our bandwidth suppliers.
Several staff members proudly sport the yellow livery of the Muni United Club, though not all... money talks and thats the bottom line..
I drove down to Cassims gate at No. 2 before going home. I'd a small bunch of flowers for young Dilshaad.
The most I hoped for was that Gladys, the family retainer, would come out to the gate to fetch them.
I'd almost given up when she finally tottered out and accepted them.
It is a shame that since my Fairy Tales blog Dilshaad no longer wishes to speak to me. At least I managed to warn her about the white box on her pole and how simply it can be computer activated at any point to monitor Cassim's property inside and out.
I grant you, my manner and appearance grow more disturbing each passing day and it is hilarious to think that it is up to one eejit old toad to try and convince anyone of anything at all heheh...
And yet, pig-headed and stubborn as I am, I dance on....
Another pebble cast into the pool at trivia -
not the first time I've heard it mentioned that the young man is to be working with the mentally disturbed.
In the trivia rooms alone, he must have obtained sufficient grist for the mill to write at least 3 or 4 dissertations on the nutters out there.
*curtseys deeply.....
Psychiatry or Psychology - that is the question.. Drugs or chatter? May I strongly recommend that he obtains a degree in hypnosis as well. With enough care and study, miracles can be achieved through hypnosis and the field is sadly under-utilised.
Does he see, with his iq that falls off the page, how he and Zaph were so cleverly manipulated? Or does the rage at being miscast as a cracker still blur his logic and common sense? Does it really matter still? Probably not *cackles maniacally....
though I have to wonder whether he has chosen the right career path if hate and resentment are still his Master. A simple test - (though rather too late I fear) would be to imagine having 4 or 5 toads as patients on any given day. Could he do it and still genuinely give a hoot about their well-being? Or would he just trot out trite suggestions, write a script and pocket the cash? then go home muttering that he loathes his job?
No picture of me on my blog site? Be thankful. Besides there are enough caricatures ive blogged that will have to do.
Am I a Christian? *sigh...... a Classic - tossed into the pot on the off-chance I would answer? *laughs......
Thursday 21st December 2006 at 1.59pm