Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sophie was so restless at 3.15am I gave up trying to sleep and got up.
Just in time to watch the busy little chopper sailing from Howard college, up north along the horizon following Ridge Road. Heading where? A left up to Sydenham? Straight on to Durban North or Redhill?
There is no doubt in my mind that Captain Courageous has been fortunate enough to fly on several of these late night 'missions' - lucky bugger!!!!
For a paranoid toad I realise that I am still way too naive. There is a huge gaping hole in this entire setup that has puzzled me for ages and it is time to clear it up once and for all. I do not however, have to break into a canter or even a trot as these things are not going anywhere heh.
What is of great interest to me still is exactly what has been said to the landlords of the wifi systems dotted all over Sherwood? What causes them to remain so silent about the sparkles on their properties? Do they know that there are so many of them?
I dreamed just before I woke that the Head GateKeeper opened the door of the Ops. room over at St. Theresa's and it was a wondrous sight to see....
Having told young G. yesterday that Freddie has 2 new brilliant lights - one that now lights almost the whole length of the valley down towards the Freeway and another that shines almost directly onto our verandah, I found that both these lights were off this morning and the valley lay dark and silent.
G tells me that Uncle Fred is such a nice fellow and who am I to disagree? As nice as Clive's 'friend' Alben who allowed the crooked Mthinyane gang onto the property without Clives knowledge? Pfftt.....
Giving the du Plessis at No. 14 the large Wendyhouse was a magnificent gesture on Fred's part. But when the time came for all the techno stuff to go into the bottom of Freds garden it was awkward having young Gareth actually living in the tiny house was it not?
So a burglary was arranged and Gareth moved smartly back up into the main house. Problem solved. *grins.....
The light that Fred has so kindly installed to shine UP onto his neighbours property? Also very thoughtful and I'm betting its one of those hectic blinding lights that makes it impossible for the neighbours to see any other dodgy stuff heheh. Neato!
The changes to the bottom of Fred's garden? Nicely done right down to the previously highly visible 'telephone' pole bordering the property. The steel support cable gone. Everything now stashed tidily in his garage in its customised corner and no visible evidence left at all heh..
Tell me now - am I not worth my weight in gold? (alas - that would be a fairly hefty sum at the moment :{)
The last few weeks have seen a chopperfest over Durban. A veritable dearth of whirlybirds. Course the only one that interests me is the beauty on the opening page of which, if it hasnt been removed yet, will be soon.
Strange weather but no doubt par for the course at this time of year. At 3.30am the sky was filled with stars and some wispy white clouds scudding down from the North East. Only 3 hours later and a damp mist blankets everything though the wind is picking up in the gumtrees across the valley and it may yet clear.
My Hero's Kitt i and Kitt ii sat dark and quiet with only the bare minimum of sensor lights early this morning. The glaring 'reflections' from the streelight nowhere to be seen *laughing....
The power dips to our supply are now constant and I feel we are back to the days of hit and miss.
The Captain is carelessly noisy when he hops from jackpoint to jackpoint in our house. I would have thought that perfecting the art of stealth and grace would be a priority but again, I was wrong.
The attacks on this PC increase. Whether tis immediate on Startup or as I sit reading the myadsl forums, or playing trivia. They come in relentlessly.
Knowing as I do, that with a mere flick of the wrist, Captain Courageous can cook our entire system as he has done so many times in the past, why would I worry about the crud hitting the firewall constantly?
I havent, up to this point, mentioned my call made the other day to the Convent. Something you must be surely waiting for?
Of course I found what the Sister said most interesting - but as you all know, she told me nothing that I hadnt already figured out already.
I thought she sounded sad and bewildered but hey, I often read way too much stuff into what Im told, so hopefully (if she is not shut down with a bang) we will be able to cheer her up at the CPF Meetings in the New Year. If however, for any reason, she is unable to attend these meetings, it Will look pretty damning.
Onwards & upwards......
Sunday, 3rd December 2006 at 6.35am