Saturday, December 23, 2006

A sudden breeze sprang up just after 4.00am this morning, bringing drizzle with it.... it didnt last long.
Hmm... I have had to do a rethink. Something was disturbing Duke at No. 4 in the early hours. Not Spotty at Cassim's or Nobby, just Duke.
Ja, of course I'd heard the alarm being 'adjusted' yesterday at Cassim's and then, as blogged, the chopper came over a couple of times. So much for the Christmas Spirit heheh... it was still working after all, and activated something new. Could it have been the 2 freeway lights on this morning, right at the start of the bridge? I've not noticed them up to now... *smacks itself....
Are you gradually activating the bridge lights 2 x 2 to see what happens? I'm pretty sure you've had them all on before, so whats the problem?
Last night at 9.30pm - one orange antennae visible up at the Snr. Boys Hostel. Neither of the garage 'twins' activated. Two large very brilliant whites on the convent ablution block.
At the very top of Piedmont Road is it a white box that has such a bright monitor light on it?
Nothing visible from here on Cliffs streetlight. I wonder if Carol is feeling any side effects from all this, being right in the line of fire, so to speak?
Basically, I was wrong thinking there was any shut- down for the holidays. Nope - its bizness as usual.
Fred's amazing lights off all this time? I suspect commonsense has prevailed with Joyce's family all home for Christmas?
The heat is making me crazier than usual.... and I tread a dodgy path *grim laughter....
But hey - I dont have to justify myself at all....the freedom of freaking out now and then is liberating and tell me now - what exactly do I have to lose? *beams.....
A nice smile and wave from Ameena Kazee this morning...tempting to see if she would like to chat, but decided against it...the mystery is solved so why rock the boat?
Any news of the compensation for Basil, Penny and Sue? Or are you all still falling about at the mere suggestion that you owe these innocent guinea-pigs anything at all?
Nauseatingly irritating I may be, but the feeling that I may be a better person than power drunk twits like Allen Spence, persists.
Onward & upward......
Saturday 23 December 2006 at 2.45pm.