Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well, well, well...... I see that waaay back on Monday 29th March 2004 nogal, the Ethewini electricity Department dug across Harris Crescent from my streetlight pole over to Number 11 and laid a new cable. Now of course, I have to wonder exactly what sort of cable it was they laid heh....
Was this actually the very first step in the genius of geniuses Mr. Allen Spence Project Managers' HiTech Computerised Anti-Theft device program? Or nothing to do with it whatsoever?
Scuse me if I go with the former as usual...being as how it was published that official testing for the Muni's BoP began in 2004.
Busy year it was all round... My heroic Captain C. fired Lilian in March and in April, Elizabeth began working for them. Looking back, she has certainly had the longest run of any of their char-ladies and hopefully he has set her up financially when and if she leaves as per Missus Courageous saying Elizabeth is preggers and has to go..
By May 2004 I'd started to notice the rag-tag band of Mthinyane Contract wekkers who were paying a good deal of attention to our streetlights. And the fun with our electrical supply took off. Constant surges, blackouts and powercuts.
I would guess that it was in June 2004 that our series of streetlights up to No. 33 were set to be controlled totally by Captain Courageous *grins at Bali......the shared fuse thing dear?
From then on pretty much downhill all the way with the prevaricating Allen Spence presenting himself smartly on our verge on Thursday 12th August and spewing his BS about the HiTech devices being for cable theft.
But - back to cables jumping across roads....the empty trench still remains outside number 24 Garbutt Road. What exactly was removed so quickly after I had blogged about it here and why? *beams..... Tis a fairly simple task to drive around the area looking for fresh scars in the road even u brights sparks must see that?
and my outing this morning? As I had anticipated, highly entertaining..... he said a fair amount but told me nothing in true politician style heh.... He is not remotely interested in my assertions that Sherwood and Sydenham are monitored to the hilt and is busy on his own mission...which no doubt you are all aware of. My own assessment is that the guy has been declawed as neatly as I was and it just hasnt hit home yet..
Still, he is interesting to listen to and I shall continue to pass on my copies of NoseWeek in an effort to amuse him.
The builders up the road are strangely quiet. The chopper only passes overhead now and then and is well out of sight and earshot most of the time. Way down South would be my guess...
The Freeway Bridge waits...... what will happen to the residents here in the valley when ALL the huge new lights are activated simultaneously? I sincerely hope absolutely nothing.
A couple of fairly hectic power dips last night but I'm pretty certain its to do with mon Capitanos Kitt ii and Kitt iii still....
Wednesday 13th December 2006 at 6.27pm.`