Saturday, December 30, 2006

For years I was shamed at being a Tard.
I wept and I whinged and found it so hard
to engage First gear for the simplest of tasks
while Lurkers chortled behind their Masks.
When finally I thought i'd hit the Wall,
no lower could sink - I was through it all.
and though a Tard I shall always be
more self-respect I have for me.
So Telkom tecchies and Metro drones
get off your ladders and put down your phones
pack up your sensors and cctvs
for the Toad gives a toss and its wasted on me.
The Trolls, the Pingers, the Forbidden sites,
the Trojan attackers that hit overnight,
the stuff that would hurt me in days long gone by
are now in perspective and I clearly see why.
There are people so High up in positions of Trust
who quietly spread word that the Toad must be cussed.
Now ask yourselves why, if you dont all agree,
would they bother with someone as stupid as me?
While Telkom and Metro work hand in hand
little good will be coming of what they have planned.
Lest corruption and greed override your good sense
ask yourselves clearly why someone so dense
has managed with ease to unknowingly incense
the Powerful Forces that are so immense.
..and the Toad climbed down off its box with a groan
these befokte old bones are making me moan..
More vendettas are coming, more hit lists galore,
more technical methods of settling a score.
You wont see it coming until its too late..
You're too Clever? Too Pleasant? Then just sit and wait
till someone pays Bali his fat going-rate
to hack you, attack you and make your life hell
to cover a secret which he knows too well.
Of just how did the Captain & Telkom & all of their men
raise the funds to perfect the Patent and then
sell the package to Metro all crooked and bent?
Who cares cry the people - we're SO on a roll
for R300 broadband we'd all sell our soul.
So if your names on the List one day
for dissing someone's uncle on the phone, just pray
that you've got a great big generator close at hand
for without any Power, you've zilch Broadband!
You will see corruption and wickedness abound
but as a hostage of Power - you will never make a sound.


PS Just a small reminder in case you had forgotten......

Sunday 31st December 2006 at 8.21am.