Saturday, December 09, 2006

What could be construed as pretty small stuff so far....
the cricket chorus in my ears was astonishingly loud when I rose this morning at 4.00am. Most of the time it has settled to like elevator muzak and then *boom* it becomes an assault.
Wassup Captain C? Boredom with the vacation so soon? Irritation? Orders? Or just the full cloud cover intensifying the racket?
Again last night no cars out on Bali's driveway but instead dips aplenty..heheh.. I only have to blog it and The Boss will try and disprove it? *cacklin......
The night before last while reading on the wellinformed forum, I found myself logged off at some point. Last night the same thing happened while visiting myadsl. Not earthshaking certainly, but unusual enough for me to remark on here.
I have no idea at all why lately, I have been allowed to play trivia in efnet without problems (ie very often cant connect or am disconnected etc), and even got in at some point during the day yesterday and played for a bit! Amazing! Why I am being allowed to struggle on searching for info on wireless systems and why I am permitted to blog so freely. This PC is still totally controlled by The Captain of Heroism without a doubt. His barely contained rage at times almost causes steam to rise from the monitor heh....
Would/could it be Missus Courageous suggesting that he show a little Festive Spirit? If so I anticipate my freedom will not last much longer...but hey ho, I shall enjoy the moment and blog the little weirdnesses as they happen...
The Wireless Network Product site that I stumbled into yesterday. You could have knocked me down with a feather but I swear the sparkly light is called a Smart Bridge! The Directional Panel circular polarised Ceiling mount antenna closely resembles a fitting decorating some of the properties around. Especially as previously blogged, on the apex of the Sherwood Hall round the back with direct Line of Sight to the station.
and so I can rest my case on that matter... we had no need for a physical rep. from up the way to attend our CPF Meetings as that little room and the Hall itself are now fully operational and monitored...*grins....
Church meetings, illness and vacations? *sigh..... tis still the Them and Us syndrome rearing its ugly head again. A refusal to accept that residents are More than ready to work WITH the boys in blue - to applaud them and assist them in anyway they can. To regard them as near heroes and to always be pleased to see them.
The years and years of corruption have certainly taken their toll and for a certain cadre at the station, Nothing will ever change... sad indeed. At a time when we most need to pull together and when our own station has been so prominent in the Big Brother development scheme, and achieved the riches and accolades that go with it - we are still considered to be irritating 2nd class citizens. A shame and my whitterings here will change nothing.
Another screen freeze at some point this morning while the Game Wrecker was running on a 41.*.*.* IP.
Just after going to bed with my book at 9.00pm last night, the Captain chirruped his sign-off remote. He had to have 3 goes at it before he was satisfied so which Kitt in hidden in the garage and causing the dips? Our power supply is still controlled from Number 6 - something which still strikes me as an extreme measure for just one silly old toad.
Does the Captain still deny everything or has he and his cronies made up some truly wonderful story to cover all this dirt?
No call received yet from Basil, Sue or Penny to say an unknown relative had died and left them each a cheque.
*Looks at Allen Spence and wonders exactly what he tells himself to justify all this..... you still laughing Al?
Saturday 9th December 2006 at 1.08pm