Thursday, November 16, 2006

So, for like 3/4 years i WAS the Truman Show. Probably still am, but at least now I have a co-star. *bows to Collin Balliram of 6 Harris Crescent, Sherwood....
The old man had a look to see what Tower we are on with the iBurst and no tower name but a really fantastic deep dark green signal. The Tower of Bali!
Luck finding that post on the WiFi forum yesterday and finally giving the leaping magic light kept in Bali's garage for so long, a nick.
But then it must of moved up to Fred's at No. 12 Harris Crescent not so? And I DO have nice pictures of his neat little structure nestling as close as it can to his powerpole as it can get.
The Wendyhouse? The same monitoring equipment Bali tucks into his patio? Certainly not safe to allow even a cat to go in as it is so gingerly balanced on bricks.
I climbed up and took more pics today of the Wendyhouse before I noticed the glaring fact that Fred has removed an entire section of his creosote wooden fence to better facilitate the Direct Line of Sight!!! *falling about...
Of course it makes absolutely no difference who keeps the sparkle wotsit really. Pass it back and forth to each other or have one each of your own.
I really thought that Bali's oscillator machine had gone up to Freds but no.... I managed to get a good couple of shots of it where it has been relegated to a quieter section of Bali's garden. Probably to make room for the unused kiddies swingset. And i do mean unused whatever he says to deny it.
I have to wonder what exactly it is that bothers Joey so then? If not the sucky sucky slurp of an oscillator? The waves that you send to me from Fred's?
In the long run Im going to have more than enough suitable pictures to do a graphic "Set up your own Wi-Fi network" before Im done. Without your neighbours permission or knowledge.
Got a nice picture of Eugenes place this morning on the way out. I have to wonder who it is in his house that manages the sparkler up that way? Not Eugene I will lay odds on that.
Must do one of Shakoors as well just in case. How ironic that it used to be Susans house ...
I wish I knew exactly what the treated walls and the lights were for. I'm stumped. I only know that some of them make me fairly ill heh. The deep orange lights directed at me make my fillings and ears ache.
An ugly camo-brown chopper over at lunchtime was it? Directly over Freds house for a purpose for sure.
No reappearance of the two young guys mentioned in yesterdays blog. So who told them to sit there and say they were working for Bali? Pfft... again u see the level that we deal with here.... sorta lame? On the other hand, I cannot fault the planning of this entire rotten-to-the-core scheme. Right down to the most mundane of details, successfully setting it all up right under the noses of the very people whose lives it will so impact! Shot!
The Captain appears to be home for the afternoon but popping in and out. I almost thought for a minute there I saw him driving a new car but surely not!!! Will let you know. Maybe he and Fred the Tosser got a good deal? I dont see Elizabeth either... maybe gone shopping but tomorrow should show the answer to that query. Early retirement or just the day off is the question.
Im out.....
16th November 2006 at 4.37pm