Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I was going to publish the next episode of So, in the Beginning.., my series of letters which should raise at least a few eyebrows. Instead Captain Courageous has given me more grist for the mill.
This morning, while drying my hair, the hero just couldnt resist and surged the dryer, causing it to cut out. Consider as Ive said before, that your houseplans are now freely available on some arb. Muni site. Including I guess, the standard wiring and jackpoints.
the fact that the DSTV channel we watch the most is the only one that has disturbances with the sound AND the picture so often? As if there were a huge storm nearby?
The fact that my stove/oven temperature has fluctuated so dramatically for the past few years. There IS nothing wrong with the house wiring. All too easy for wankers to mess about if they have control of your electricity supply. *winks at the Captain and we DO share a fuse officially....
The peurile level that my tormentors sink to in dealing with the residents in this section (eg. Frank the Firework Tosser), should give some indication of what we go through.
Hopefully the Good still outnumber the Crooked and Stand we shall!
The theory that this old toad is merely an attention-seeker is really passe. Toads, after all, like damp, dark places much like rats. Speaking of which, the much respected Rodent, Wireless Boffin and Poster on myadsl and his scathing comment on my post to the DecoyDuck....
More than I'd hoped for to be frank.... his remark simply Begs the Question: Damage Control? or has he spoken at length with skydog and fears I may queer the pitch for the Wondrous Wireless days ahead?
I can sympathise with their attitude. Its all such amazing ground-breaking technology and along comes a complete idiot trying to throw a spanner in the works.
NOT! I am trying merely to show how shockingly easy it will be once the setup is in place countrywide, for the corrupt to utilise this system to their advantage.
So you think you are more than aware of the scale of corruption here? Hah! You aint seen Nothing yet!
Telkom sit there at the top - implacable and all-knowing and the Municipalities countrywide are merely aiding them.
So, if RAMCO came up with the concept here in Durban and Dr. Raven Naidoo in Cape Town - what name is credited with Johannesburgs linkup? *looks at the Rodent and wonders if he knows.....
Alan Khan of ECR asked listeners this morning to call in about something weird in the skies above Durban today. *laughing.... there are currently so many customised air machines flying about - take your pick....
der Kommissar flies overhead at 8.05am this morning.
And yes, since the move of power up to Fred's at No. 12 I have felt a great change physically. The constant shrieking in my ears has been disappearing for hours at a time only to be replaced by extreme pressure and toothache heheh. Interesting...
and to end.... I come to blog this now and find my 'cookies funtionality has been disabled' Hau! Thats a first! Course 2nd time it works but not allowed to post any pictures. My Captain is crabby heheh... I hear Danny the Pool guy? hammering away at the brick walls down by Elizabeths room. A room that will stand empty after she is retired in December.
The possibilities of what it Could house in the future are mind-boggling. Perhaps Fred's good lady paid attention when I suggested to her on the phone recently that she keep her two rather gorgeous young children away from the bottom of the garden ? That quite possibly the amount of power down there was not good for them?
Ah and then of course the panic to move the stuff up from the bottom of his garden into Fred's garage heheh.... All the new lights... lovely stuff. And now with Dan down the bottom of Captain Courageous property busying himself so noisily - will the room be emptied in time for a third move for the sparkling electricity monster?
Will i EVER stop asking questions? No - not until Im dead and gone.
Wednesday 15th November 2006 at 1.56pm

Edited at 6.01pm on Wednesday 15th November 2006:

Many of my blogs are really badly written - for this I apologise and am well aware of my short-comings.
I just went up a bit before 5.00pm to open the gates and found two young guys sitting one on either side of the road by Bali's gate. As prescribed by our CPF I approached one of them and politely asked if there was a problem. No, he says, they are working at No. 6 (Bali's). In Elizabeths room down the bottom? I ask. Yes, we are putting in a bathroom and toilet says he. We are just sitting here waiting for a lift.
I manage to keep a straight face and say that I am obliged to check on them as advised by the SAPS. I walk back up to my verge and turn in time to see the two of them hot-footing it down to Cato Crest. Hamba Gahle Dumisani and Chris look-alike :P

As Flo will be on her own here tomorrow while I head out to the shops, I sincerely hope that it is not suggested to these 2 quite pleasant young men, that they get up to any form of mischief.
After 8 years I am well aware of Captain Courageous level of Game playing.
I was really amused at the young men putting up an ablution block to house the sparkly light monster. (In actual fact judging from the noise, they are knocking down and certainly not putting anything up at this point. It would make sense to have their brilliant older builder come in once the breaking down has been done?)
*sigh.... and then at 5.25pm Bali let the Nobster out onto the road deliberately. Which of course meant the dog came straight through my open gates and down here. No, the workers didnt let the dog out - as I said, I watched them leave and Nobby was safely on his property, which leaves the mature owner as the only one who would let him out. Lame in the extreme.

And to close - I come on here and get two dead 41. * . * . * ips in a row and think third time lucky and get the 196 but still wont load pages so unplug Everything and now he let me in.... I AM beholden to the lad for teaching me a bit of patience in my older age heheh..