Friday, November 17, 2006

A huge, yellow-billed kite wheeling and diving in the wind over between the gum trees.
And here we are again on a Friday. I feel strangely content.
the discovery that more than just those involved with Big Brother's Control of the Masses madness can access this blog did, I have to admit, give me a start.
I cannot, however, suddenly pull from nowhere some brilliant words that will miraculously change the concept that I am over the edge and far away.
So I shall continue as I began. Whittering on endlessly with honest observations (some more coloured by paranoia than others), that should they prove wrong, will be dutifully corrected.
I pretty much read the Religion debate on myadsl through, skipping the really hard to follow posts. See, I may well be more animal than 'human' but I saw Debbie2 from a mile away. *applauds..... She can say what I feel ja....and hopefully she will hold forever the idea that after mortal death the adventure continues. I would Love to be around when GavinMannion one day finds that death is certainly not the end.... He is funny and understands the concept of kindness if not the actual practise, and would probably have something really amusing to say when realisation hit home.
What can I say? Its just something that i know... lame sounding but true.
My Captain Courageous is definitely taking advice. He keeps a low profile here on the PC and after I sent that text to Rudi Mhlope we have had few if any power dips. The bedroom sensor was working yesterday at 5.00am no matter what denials are made. The carefully camouflaged braai charcoal bag in his patio by the monitoring equipment still clearly displays green lights. Heh irradiated charcoal yet! So its business as usual, just somewhat less harsh than usual.
I finally got the old man interested in the Line of Sight theory last night! (thanks Fred :P) and my listeners may have noticed that for once he had absolutely no logical explanation. No shrugging it off or trivializing it at all. He actually got up and paid attention. Halleluja!
Earlier today I'd been up the top tidying my car and was still standing on the driveway when the chopper flew fast over St. Theresa's from the east. He suddenly banked sharply and headed right back where he came from. The pilot becomes allergic to toads? *choking.....
The Muni contract workers up at St. T's continue to follow their pathetic agenda of creating Urban decay. A large amount of trash now dumped through the door into the valley overnight.
Liz appears to be at work as usual today and mon Capitan finally moved Kitt ii from the top of the driveway.
All these apparently mundane matters that I insist on adding will ensure that I am considered a paranoid loon and naught else. This matters not a whit.
I have seen amazing things over the last 2 years alone and if sharing them here causes my sanity to be questioned - so be it.
Admittedly I would dearly love to chat with Bali at length (with his Auto-Prevaricator disabled) and to hear which of my guesses were right and which were mere delusions. I'm guessing (yes, again) that the former list isnt too shabby at all. Peace.
PS and I would be happy to show you my photos to be used in a future "How to set up a covert surveillance system in your neighbourhood using WiFi" but only AFTER you pay Basil Arendse at No. 2 the R200,000 you owe him for your so stupid carelessness, R10,000 for Sue the Book and the same for little P the maid.
However much you wriggle and squirm this money is chump change compared to the amount being tossed about with such gay abandon currently. Do it....
(Grief how I enjoyed saying all that heheh....)who knows - with that kind of money Basil might decide to move to better climes and the Ballirams could purchase the house next door ? (bah! i see I may not post a picture with my posts any more... that IS lame.)
Friday 17th November 2006 at 3.33pm.
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