Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tuesday 28th November 2006:
Repurcussions for my "Brought me to my knees" blog posted this afternoon, were fairly pointed.
Tried to log on at 5.30pm only to get repeated Error 691 - Access denied due to invalid username/password.
Our unfortunate re-sellers of iBurst are stuck bang in the middle here and Ive no doubt that if and when they can be contacted tomorrow (office hours only pfft) they will have to say we have been capped.
Nice people but Cal and certainly Bruce are fully aware of the situation. I have to predict here that when the Muni have finally linked up all businesses and residents, more and more of this dodginess will occur.
One call from a so-called govt. official/muni official/law enforcement agency *collapses laughing... and every and any company will be forced to comply with the instructions they are given. Neat hey?
In our case it is simple to say we have been capped... if we spend 6 and 1/2 hours out of 24 daily browsing its a lot for us.... but hey....
I have tried repeatedly in my inarticulate fashion, to describe the methods that will be used to control you. Im sure those among you who dont tend to think and question wrongdoing in any way will be quite comfortable with the new regime.
Posts on forums, letters to editors etc. are going to reveal more and more results of the pact that Telkom, Eskom and the Munis have made with the devil.
My consolation is, that after 8 years of a concentrated smear campaign against me, constant attacks via our PC and Electricity supply, people hired to climb our walls in an attempt to scare us off etc. I can sit here smiling, knowing that I flew solo and made it! :}
The Beast is NOT infallible and in fact, has very many weak links (see previous blog)
The more Collin Balliram (the amazingly well-connected, but stuck in a time warp at 13 years old) tries vainly to push me over the edge, the more I wish to dance with him.
On each of the 3 occasions we have been 'capped' after office hours, it has been on a day when I posted a blog that I fully knew would irk him. Coincidence? Haha rite!
Wednesday 29th November 2006:
Not having been able to connect has had its own rewards. Much more time to think. Considerably more dips in our power supply lately.
Fred's little green light back in our lounge. (probably only disappears when its raining and the shrubbery covers it).
The PC is now so controlled that it more or less dictates my future Game- plan heh.... it cannot be relied on thanks to Bali and his ageing team of tecchies. So, I shall rely on myself. Not an idea I could have entertained last year but as I am so fond of reminding you all, thanks to Collin, I am pretty much as steady as a rock these days! :}
And I have things to do - a flea on an elephants butt for sure. But with all the attention you give me, I certainly feel you deserve your moneys worth? So I shall continue to entertain you all - the blind and the not so blind.
Earl Frankson our resident Drug Lord up at No. 734 Jan Smuts Highway (just 2 houses down from the power substation how handy) will certainly have a sparkling wireless system tucked away on his property. Young Baron his heir apparent is hardly seen round these days and I picture him tied to his PC at all available hours enjoying his wonderful connection.... making sales around the world too no doubt eish...
Is it stress or is the beautiful Carol feeling/seeing the disasterous results of "living under the Mast"? She is caught between a rock and a hard place but does the walk of life like a pro. kudos to her.
The Captain of Courage rushed out of his gates at 6.25am this morning and climbed into a red car. As I'm normally safely on line at that hour I had no idea he was taking lifts. With a choice of 3 vehicles it certainly wiffles my antennae heh.... ahh but then i was blessed to see him return at 7.45 driving what looked to be Kitt i !!! Which makes me wonder ... was she the cause of our Error 691??? Mock me not julle mense!!! That car is brilliant.... so wired up with techno gear as to be amazing ja....
der Kommissar saw me standing at my gates at 5.00pm yesterday and sadly, he hunched down behind the wheel of his Fine car, floored the accelerator and literally flew passed me up the Crescent. I shall however, continue to remind residents at every possibility to smile and wave at their local law enforcement officers in spite of a few glitches.
at 7.45am (just as my Hero arrived back home in fact) a roughie came down the road and was digging in the rubbish bags put out for todays collection. Wearing what looked to be a brand new clean Muni blue jacket with the Murray & Roberts logo. Strange times we live in?
Going back to the inability to connect to the Internet after 5.00pm yesterday and the repeated Error 691. The Game-Wrecker now tells me that he had actually checked our bandwidth yesterday at 6.00am and seen that we had plenty.
I had logged on in the early afternoon to update my blog and played trivia for a while, certainly not enough to chew the remaining bandwidth...
eh! Captain Courageous short-fuse may yet turn out to be to our advantage. My old man was actually looking puzzled for a second there today. Did you hear?
Just imagine if the penny finally dropped and he realised that i AM the cause of all the problems we've endured the last eight years heheh....!
at 10.15am the sound of the choppers rotor carries to me on the wind and I see it circling and circling over ... Effingham Heights? Cato Crest? Hmm I thought that area had been activated already... maybe they are busy with Edwin Swales Drive now.
at 10.50am the chopper skipped over towards the station out of my line of sight. Gone are the days of beams and smiles?
11.01am and der Kommissar sounds his siren message just down the road. They dropped him off at the station? Or they flew without him today? Who was the message for? I hear hammer on brick at mon Capitanos next door, and glass breaking - more innovative alterations and additions? *laffin....
You find all this mundane and boring? tis meant for you to build a picture is all - read and paint and one day you too may see the Wondrous Wireless Web as it's silken threads of corruption are inexorably woven into every nook and cranny of this beautiful land. Til then, I shall happily caper and prance and play The Fool to entertain you all....
12 noon and the Game-Wrecker says he sent a fax through to tradepage at 9.30am to order more bandwidth. However I still get error 691 when trying to log on.
now 3.07pm and as you see we are finally back on line though for how long tis anyones guess.
Wednesday 29th November 2006 at 3.07pm