Sunday, November 12, 2006

I uncharacteristically nipped out at about 10.00am this morning to get petrol and was enchanted to find a Muni cherry-picker outside Eugene's house nearly at the top of Garbutt Road, trimming branches away from a streetlight. (Just the one mind you).
A traffic policeman was keeping an eye on the proceedings as well so I figure it was a fairly important operation.
I took pics. of this same pole over 2 weeks ago. Shot hey?
Interesting to note the large rectangular light now attached to Eugenes pole on His side of the road. No doubt purporting to be for security reasons but once again as in Fred's case, it is angled very strangely.
I have come to the conclusion at last that it is indeed the WiMAX system that the Munis are setting up countrywide for surveillance of the masses. Google gives pages and pages of world wide municipalities that have gone this route.
My problem still is and will remain, the Covert installation of devices and equipment to enhance this WiMAX system on unsuspecting residents properties.
Wherever you go in Sherwood and probably Sydenham as well, there are crews working on properties. A theory I've touted before on several occasions is to offer a resident a once-in-a-lifetime deal on having their house painted or their roof cleaned etc. In amongst the genuine painters or repairers will be several wekkers from the corrupt Mthinyane Contract Co. affiliated to Ethekwini Electricity (Security Div.) These few wekkers are trained to deal with swift fibre optic etc. installations while unsuspecting home owners are at the office or otherwise engaged.
I have way too many questions:
Can you combine WiMAX with WiFi?
Why is the helicopter used to activate each section once the Muni droogs have finished setting it up?
Why do my ears and fillings shriek when the helicopter flies low overhead?
With all these radio signals over the city and suburbs, will it not cause chaos to the controls on airliners passing over to the airport?
Is this why the main airport is being hastily moved to La Mercy?
What is the purpose of the flashing light that lived in Bali's garage and has recently been moved to Fred's property?
Is our Councillor part of the deliberate urban decay scheme or was it just an ooops! moment?
Does the Mthinyane wekker at Cyril Bhagiratees gate this morning actually live on the property?
Will consideration be given to the compensation I maintain should be paid to Basil at Number 4 for trauma suffered during the November/December 2005 tests for this scheme?
Will the same consideration, though on a lesser scale, be given to Sue the Book and the maid next door? (Not Elizabeth).
May I guess here that the authors of the original scheme will jump up and down with rage at the mere suggestion of any form of compensation?
I would suggest that at some point responsibility Has to be taken for errors made. Unwitting guinea-pigs we may be, but these 3 people are worthy of better than the treatment they have received.
There are certainly enough bright people involved in this corrupt scheme to figure out how this could be done without setting a precedent or causing a stir ?
Sunday 12th November 2006 at 3.56pm