Sunday, November 12, 2006

Far more often than not, I sit there, gaping in awe as a Trivia player (very often a 1/4 my age) slam dunks answer after answer at a dizzying speed.
I have repeatedly tried to anylise why I continue to frequent these channels in spite of the constant stream of vitriol, pinging and lagging that one can certainly expect from the so highly competitive top players.
Many, if not most of the answers I type are wild guesses and if you were to offer me a cash reward for the answer (with NO clues) I would be stumped.
I think it is the actual concept of TRYING that I find so attractive and addictive.
If I get the answer right first time its a bonus whether or not my nick appears first or last. I am also very comfortable with my constant typos and lack of speed.
On a visit to the efnet trivia channel it is quite usual for me to maybe get 1 point after an hour of trying which pleases me no end.
On many occasions I find I cannot answer even the simplest of questions and draw a repeated blank which seems to illicit nudges and winks from the ever present lurkers to the effect that for some reason, I am being deliberately stupid. O rite hahahaha!
It would be pointless to try and explain to these bright people that I am indeed the plank I claim, an erratic trivia player at best, but one who LOVES a challenge. The idea that I would deliberately pretend not to know an answer is hilarious and sort of flattering in a weird way.
Sunday 12th November 2006 at 4.05pm