Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wednesday morning and my clock alarm woke me as always. I lay there for a few minutes and heard the Captain's remote chirrup, so rose to face the day.
I'd only been up for about 10 minutes when the Captain gave another, louder chirrup - all this before 4.15am?? He really is very keen! Possibly he tries to tell me something? I sat writing, bathed in the warm waves bouncing off Clive's bathroom wall and still I smiled.....
Yes - I KNOW he controls the levels of EMF down this way at least and probably much more besides, and yes, he recklessly and with malice sends me higher levels whenever he can - in spite of this I truly think he knows that I bear him no ill-will and that I remain unafraid....
While sitting writing last night's blog our lights did a huge dip. At first I thought it must of been the storm heading up our way but after publishing my blog, I took Sophie out for her pee and saw the real cause of the power dip. Fred's new spotlights had been switched on. Better late than never. Halleluja! So - two new questions to add to my list: Does Fred have to manually flick the switch or does the Courageous one have that pleasure as always and,
does Bali pretend to himself that by chirruping his remote loudly, I will be deterred from enjoying the lights? *laffin again.....
He surely must have missed the part where I recently said I'm aware of being watched, 1 way or another, 24/7? So, chirruping makes no difference at all mon Capitan :}
Yesterday reminded me that I have so much to be grateful for, and as loyal as I remained to the now lost omi-one-kenobi, so will I remain loyal to my own Captain Courageous.
Right and now for something completely different: Last Thursday I watched the droog and his wekkker pull their bakkie into Fred's property and wondered what changes were being made. And indeed great changes there are.
While I was on-line this morning between 6-7am, the chopper showed an Inordinate amount of interest in Fred's property - repeatedly coming down over the valley to activate the new setup? A wild guess I made in a blog a short while back and now proven to be the case.
The two new spotlights were still on at 7.45am.
After landing, der Kommissar made excellent time back to his precinct on the outer ring road, giving his unique siren message to Captain Courageous that the link-up was now completed.
A short while later MY spotlight was switched off and the Captain left for 'work' finally at 8.15am.
The changes to the system will account for the increased power dips to our electricity supply since last Thursday :P
I am still irritated at times with my slowness, though no longer beat myself up about it.
Why I didnt notice the treatment given to Fred's Wendyhouse roof earlier? More of the bouncing signal work been done on it for sure. Weird that the spot aimed directly at our house was off while the spot facing the valley was left on but hey....
Sitting here in the lounge just now at 10.50am, the chopper flew once again UP the valley and had barely vanished when my ears began to ache.
I will have to get used to the choppers new flight path and anticipate the results, however unpleasant they are.
I can only begin to imagine the huge and juicy rewards Fred has been given for allowing himself to be used in this fashion. Mon Capitan will still be at the Main controls as always but it appears that Fred's property will now carry the bulk of the power equipment.
Interesting to wonder whether Fred was ASKED or TOLD of this new arrangement?
On the plus side as well, it appears the streetlights will at last be allowed to appear to function correctly.
The effects of all this change to the toad? Pretty much immediate and will no doubt cause a great amount of back-patting all round.
Elizabeth? About as preggers as I am but knows too much and has passed her sell-by date by a mile. A shame. She will have been told there will be No retirement bonus if she speaks to me more than absolutely necessary? heheh...
*beams at the Courageous Twosome...
Somebody values you enough to shift the more visible responsibility over to the poor unsuspecting accountant? Lucky julle ja.......

Edited at 12.57pm Wednesday 1 November:

Sitting here trying against fierce odds (Baliram) to play trivia and overhead flies the Mother of all choppers.... Government officials taking a look-see? Which Government officials would they be? The answer to that question would be worth a large fortune!???? A Huge physical effect hits immediately. Whoa!!!! (I still struggle to come to terms with some of the more peurile behaviour exhibited by Prakash Balliram tsk :P)
Wednesday 1st November 2006 at 12.01pm

2nd edit still Wed now 8.35 and the following is incorrect: *
On the plus side as well, it appears the streetlights will at last be allowed to appear to function correctly.* You have to laugh really - I noticed our series of lights pole 6 up to 16 were back on by 2.00pm today.

The silliness by Prakash Balliram continues unabated. The keyboard lag tonight would appear to be his forte.... hit the keys and u wait and wait for the letters to appear on the page. Stunningly clever! haha...