Thursday, November 02, 2006

A grey and damp day out unlike my spirits. This in spite of the fact that sitting on my verandah earlier every filling in my mouth ached.
May I remind you at the outset that I ACCEPT the Big Brother principal and fully understand that it is a world-wide trend. and yes, I did see the mention on the BBC news this morning about Britain travelling the same much for the helpful boys in blue lol!
I am merely here to demonstrate the many ways that this Big Brother scheme may be used by the corrupt.
*looks yet again at Allen Spence, Superintendent of Electricity for Durban. How thrilled he must of been when this densely populated Sherwood area was handed to him on a plate for his Test Zone! It wouldn't have taken much research at all to find that, should things go awry along the way, symptoms and reactions to over-exposure of EMFs are extremely hard to prove. Yay!!!!
Obviously I would like to prove that in this mad rush for power, several residents have received installations to their properties that they are oblivious to. Despite the fact that my guesses regarding the roof at No. 2 Harris Crescent now appear invalid, I am still intrigued by the tiny red light on the small box attached to Cassims TV aerial. If it is, as I suspect, an active monitor of any kind, then I must still regard the entire roof with suspicion.
Back to today. I took the usual magazines over for the kids at No. 10 this morning but as a change I asked the maid if I could go down and speak to the owner.
And now, let me be perfectly clear : If, as in the past, the furious desire for retribution over-rides commonsense, it would merely add credence to my claims. If for instance, Alison should be hijacked or have her car stolen in the very near future (as I warned her might happen on leaving) it may just be that the scales will finally tip a small amount in my favour. So i suggest that No. 10 continues to remain hassle-free in the crime department and they will continue to think that I am just a crazed old woman looking for trouble. I do have a point here not so?
OK so.... some brilliant pictures taken on my visit. Sadly, they cannot be shared with you all due to Bali having corrupted my baby computer. Sure, I realise that if i were to switch it on right now it would appear to have reverted back to normal haha... but way too little, way too late there :{
The things that I Will tell you about, are the shiny new lock hanging on the metal gate set in Fred's valley boundary wall. OMW!!!! How conveniently handy is that for ongoing maintenance!?
You have to wonder what is hidden so cunningly under the corrugated iron structure tucked right into the corner nearest the electricity pole standing just outside their wall in the valley. The pole with the steel cable support mentioned yesterday?
is there MORE stuff INSIDE the WendyHouse raised up off the ground? I got a really good picture of the carefully and newly (last Thursday? lol!) treated Wendyhouse roof facing St. Theresa's for Line of Sight.
and here I feel it would be wiser not to speak of everything I managed to capture with such an insignificant little camera... I have seen in the past how swiftly changes can be made ja.
Which takes me back to yesterday and how I looked up out the kitchen window at some point during the morning to see a huge green Parks Dept. vehicle easing onto Captain Courageous verge. No. 10 now tells me that there were in fact two green Parks Dept. trucks very busy with the Captains Streetlight pole. How strange is that? *chokin......
If someone could at this point give me a valid reason as to why the Parks Department are busy with the Electricity Depts work, I should be extremely happy to hear it? ah the cloying stench of corruption abounds......
Despite attempts to convey the contrary, Captain Courageous is still very much the controller of our electricity supply and computers and I do hope that denial is not attempted here.
On two previous occasions when posting or blogging remarks that he clearly deemed as unacceptable, I was immediately treated to an Error 791 and my husband forced to buy more bandwidth.
Last night's contribution was an Error 718 - 'connection terminated as remote computer did not respond'....
Sheer luck that i had time to get hold of our supplier just before they closed for the day but I put them in a difficult position. The young tech has clearly been given instructions and did try his best but failed miserably. Within seconds of hanging up the phone our connection was back to normal.
Ive made a note of exactly what excuse he gave me yesterday and will certainly post it on the forum using whatever means/method available should this continue to happen.
My husband pays for a service for the both of us to use.
Sadly I would be lost without the Captain camping out on our computers but disallowing connections and frying us? Surely you have moved on from using those tactics by now? May I suggest that instead of reacting with rage, you take an Anger Management course and attempt to assist us rather than hurt us?
The streetlight series are on as I write though not a chopper has been seen in this area nor a chatty siren heard up to this point today.
The Rumanian/Romanian RoadWorking behemoth is stategically blocking my view of the 8 baby poles over on the Freeway bridge though I did get a great picture of them lights and all, the other day.
The latest toy to add to my Christmas list would be a device to measure room temperature. I would like to prove that the area around the desk here in the lounge, (that holds the computers) is a good several degrees warmer than the rest of the house.
In fact, I would like to record the temperatures in say, No. 10's house as compared with ours.
Alas, I have as much chance of finding such a device in my stocking as a gaily wrapped Tri-field meter, but one can dream?
The levels of EMF have increased dramatically since the chopper activated Fred's new installations yesterday morning. I'm guessing that more than just No. 4 will be having extra aches and pains from now on.

Edit now 12.04 midday and CHOPPER UP!!!!! what a thrill seriously! I did a curtsey for them and pretend that the Captain is onboard as well heheh.... round and round they go over Fred's house ... lovely stuff! My ears are hurting no end but its well worth it!

PS I am NOT an agnostic!!!! Once again an incorrect statement made by a tard and I wait with bated breath for Johann in WellInformed to explain.
Thursday 2nd November 2006 at 11.33am