Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some time today after blogging 'the Gift of Light', I was delighted to get a call from Missus Courageous herself on my tapped landline. She tends to avoid it like the plague and prefers to use the cell phone as a rule, for very obvious reasons.
I must assume that the kindly content of her call was deemed worthy of recording and I hope that when listening to the playback, my answers caused some merriment?
Deeelishus as the Diwali eats were, I have to remind you - Never kid a kidder.....
Freddie's servants quarters stand dark in the rain this evening. Not even the valley spotlight shines bravely. Except for the deep orange lights, I have never considered the extremely bright lights to be anything other than a distraction and not in themselves dangerous. Wrong again?
The ceramic/plastic cap that feeds the poolside light cable into Captain Courageous roof has the same lumo glow that Clives garage wall light shows even when switched off, and is certainly not as dead as he would have me believe.
Question Time:
Does the Accountant blindly obey his Mentors without question?
Will the accountant's wife ignore my warning? Will they both be persuaded that there is no way their two small children could be at risk?
Will the Captain blithely say that HIS kids are home, but omit to add that they are seldom, if ever, outside in the front garden?
Does the wily Mike Oliver still drive down into the valley in the dead of night to check the EMF levels? and, when they read at an acceptable level does he ignore the possibility that the Captain could and would 'adjust' them quite smartly the minute Mike was monitored entering Sherwood? Sort of Catch22 situation here and I'm guessing that as always, money is the beeeg factor here and that Mike Oliver merely works to orders while ethics dont feature in his thinking at all.
Using the steep hill below St. Theresa's Senior Boys Hostel for relieving the water pressure is a fairly good idea. No sewage smell as yet. However, one should look out for structural cracks appearing in the building fairly soon. We were told that our houses are sliding down the hill a few centimetres each year and have the cracks to prove this.
Why should the Senior Boys Hostel be any different especially with the inevitable erosion this run-off is causing?
The 4th? planted 'vagrant' went through his now boring paces across the valley this afternoon. I had seen the smoke from his fire down by Number 2, before 5am this morning and he did the 'visible presence' thing much later.
I rang Number 2 and D. got a good look at him up on the bank which may have been the reason he left quite so quickly. Back to the Convent to get more supplies and $ from the Ethekwini contractors nesting there no doubt.
I was walking Sophie this evening when I saw not one, but two, Sisters/Nuns over at St. Theresa's.
A rare sight these days and a relief to know that they have not all been swallowed up by the Illuminati!! :}
Tuesday 31st October 2006 at 9.41pm.