Friday, November 03, 2006

SO, IN THE BEGINNING - PART II: (see Blog published 26th October 2006
16th September, 2005.
Mr. Yegan Reddy
Ethikwini Electricity,
Street Lights
Dear Mr. Reddy,
I wish to thank you for the amazing response to the above problems with two streetlights outside Nos. 6 and 8 Harris Crescent, Sherwood repectively.
The fact that a total of four vehicles were deployed unannounced, to check out my report on Thursday 15th September after 1.00pm, was indeed heartening.
You will by now have received Treven Padyachees report back on the matter. The fact that the electrician Mike Oliver stated clearly that he had no idea why the two boxes were attached to these poles as they were empty etc, and that he hoped the set-up had not been billed for as they were pretty much useless for anything?
Indeed, all of the remarks Mr. Oliver made were Very interesting but in the long run do not affect our opinion of the matter at all. When I requested as to why Mr. Oliver did not immediately remove the Highly Technical computerised Anti-Theft devices from these two poles he could not assure me that this would be done at any point in the future.
The fact remains they are still there and we shall be monitoring our electricity supply closely and adding any and all further strange occurrences to our electricity supply to these notes and to the existing report for safe keeping.
Our very best wishes to Mr. Chris Gower for his speedy recovery from his illness and good wishes to him on his career move.
J. Lovejoy
PS. It is now 5.00pm Friday 16th September and the street light outside No. 8 and No. 14 are on. No other lights on as far as the eye can see and the sun is shining on Howard College.
eh! call back the past hey? *laffin here...... I was standing up the top at about 10.45am this morning when a little white bakkie with the Metro logo on the door came cruising ever so slowly down the Crescent. The droog driving decided to pull in to the gates at Number 14. Did a show of getting out and standing for a minute there before getting in and going back up the hill.... strange how I feel he actually meant to stop outside Fred's place at number 12 but having seen me standing in my drive changed his mind? It stated quite clearly under the Muni logo - Planning and Development on the vehicle door. Fascinating stuff.... MORE development up that way?
Another of my many unanswered questions here: Why when I asked at a CPF Meeting of the SAPS representative, were the residents in Sherwood, specifically Harris Crescent, being monitored in any way, I was told an emphatic NO.? Surely a huge project such as the one Mr. Allen Spence (at the time Projects Manager for this little beauty), would have been discussed with the SAPS beforehand? If the so-called cable anti-theft device actually showed someone thieving, how did Mr. Spence anticipate catching the thieves? On his own without the SAPS? A slight lapse of judgement there surely? Prevarication from both parties? *choking now.....
Friday 3rd November 2006 at 11.29am