Saturday, November 04, 2006

The iBurst Song:
Bali IS my Tower
My signal, my power.
In the deep, dark green
His strength is seen
below the road, against the hill
We are linked forever and still
I wonder if his life is good
and things are running as they should?
The reason given by Missus Courageous for Elizabeth being told to leave at the beginning of December was that she would by then be 5 months pregnant. Elizabeth denies that she is pregnant. She has in fact, lost a great deal of weight in what looks to be a short period of time.
If Liz has Aids, why would Missus Courageous lie and not say so?
Or is it possible that Liz is ill with something entirely different? Does she perhaps have similar symptoms to the others affected in this area?
She WAS after all, trapped on the property back in November 2005 when the cowboys tactics were being used.
The fact too that Liz in now suddenly being sent home at the weekend is in itself an eyeopener. Why? So very many possible answers to this question. What sort of financial settlement are the Courageous Twosome offering their staunch domestic?
If I were to hold her hand, would I feel her pain?
If she were monitored chatting to me, would she lose any settlement promised? My guess is a resounding YES!
Last night, Fred's new nest of Power sat bathed in the warm glow of a solitary standard garden spotlight. The fierce and brilliant spot attached to the servants quarters roof was not on overnight. Why? The huge overhead lights next to Cassims (favoured by the Egyptian geese) were also left off.
Were they expecting the Maintenance section to roll quietly into the valley and enter Fred's property via the neat little gate in his boundary wall, under cover of almost total darkness? If the hectic spot is back on tonight then I must assume my guess here is correct.
It would be fascinating if anyone were daring enough to venture down into the valley in a 4 x 4, to see exactly who would challenge them?
And yes, This is no poker game now - I WAS fortunate enough to take some very interesting pictures though at this point I obviously don't have a clue who would be interested in them apart from me. *beams......
I slipped up to my usual shopping haunt this morning only to find that as always, I was expected.
Nice looking lad that, but should put his track shoes on smartly from now on heh... The older Muni droog who picked up the baton? Naaa - you can do better than that guys... * laffin
Tis fun to make you sweat for a change.... but now you can chill and remind yourselves that YOU chose this path - there is absolutely Nothing I can do to change that or anything else... try not to demean yourselves further by spending hours working on revenge tactics as its pretty much wasted on me. I did laugh all the way home even through the s-bends!
Then we have the business with the stray dog up in the Crescent on the way home.
I have long bleated that Sherwood is now awash with Muni contract droogs? The young gentleman, working in the garden higher up told me that yes, he is a muni droog (spoke beautiful English so no error there), he knew where i lived and had done work recently down at Number - ! The name of the company he worked for was Mthinyane Contractors. *prostrate with laughter at this point.... Serendipity?
Now a bit later in the day and I just woke from a nap at 4.35pm to a Billion Christmas beetles singing in my head! (Crank it UP baby!!)
Earlier this afternoon Missus Courageous had allowed the kids to play in the front garden for all of 10 minutes before heading off with them to a safer zone.
Sure, there are no cars at the moment, visible on Bali's driveway but Im betting he sits there stewing, as always heh...
The streetlights have been off all day and no chopper has flown directly overhead as yet. The droogs could be heard, beavering away down towards Randles Road/Brickfield Road early this morning.
Rajkhumar?? a name to conjure with indeed.... Eugene?? Shakoor??
Saturday 4th November 2006 at 5.46pm