Monday, November 20, 2006


No seriously, thats what it looked like when I went out and up this morning before 4.00am. Pretty solid low cloud and sheet lightning hidden behind it? Sort of an apt look if you will, under the current circumstances.

The thunder only became audible about 15 minutes later as the storm headed nearer over the sea and the rain began.

My problem as always, is not WHAT to write about, but the continuing struggle to be coherent when putting it down here. Pretty much a lost cause I would guess.

Last nights CPF Meeting was brilliant. So many of the truly Good guys pitched up that you could literally feel it in that tiny room. The temptation to deliver a monologue disappeared smartly at one point when I had a sudden bout of coughing. So bad I had to get up and go outside.
Standing outside leaning on Bonnys car, I looked up at the roof of the Sherwood Hall and..... my, my, my.... have you lot been busy beavers or WHAT???? *cackling.......

Since the last meeting we now have a nice fat white box attached to the wall right up high with 4? cables running from it. The Identical type of box that houses my very own bedroom sensor and the same again as the one on dear Freddie's power pole down in the valley which winks at me as well with its little lights ... Neat that its been set up just prior to the SAPS Braai scheduled for this Friday. Excellent timing.

Even more fascinating is the new round light set in the apex of the Hall roof, which has Direct Line of Sight to.... I swear and declare.... could it be... the STATION???? Course the light wasnt activated but I'm betting its a fairly hectic colour when on.

That would explain comfortably the current absence of the law at our meetings? They do not now need to attend. Instead I picture them crowded round a vast monitor screen in their Ops room laughing hysterically. and howd I do guys? *curtseys to the uniforms.....
Course you will have to bear in mind that at any given meeting i could WRITE a note and 2 of us could shoot over to the station and surprise you all heheh...but why would I want to spoil the fun.

I tried to engage the Beasts representative to our Meetings in conversation after the meeting was over. The company response that fell from his lips was damning to say the least. "Oh its only a silly white box. Theres nothing in them". OMW! My reputation as a Fool has certainly preceeded me lol...

Fred had a new light on last night. Sort of a pool floodlight if you will. Speaking of Freddie - the blinding light that now shines directly across No. 10's property and mine has Direct Line of Sight to...? Well, take your pick - it almost gets the monitoring equipment in Captain Courageous patio but it also is in direct line with one of the new overhead Freeway lights. One that gets repeated and ongoing attention from all the customised trucks that trundle up and down in the wee hours.

How my struggles here must amuse and entertain the authors and initiators of this wonderful scheme. My inability to connect the, what I'm guessing, are screamingly obvious, dots! *laughing...

The word 'scuttling' is the adjective best used to describe the activities at mon Capitano's house yesterday.
2 vehicles that have been here before on several occasions. Ive never had the pleasure of meeting Dan the 'Pool' man but would have to guess the red golf is his? Older dude who gave me the gimlet glare *falls over.....

Lots and lots of work being done inside and out. Ladders tend to make my antennae perk up. Very loud and deliberately noisy for my benefit. See how well I know you guys? *again cacklin....

Lordie - when I think how many years I wasted beating myself to a bloody pulp for being worthless, I could spit!

How could I not be loyal to Captain Courageous and the gang. They literally saved me from myself and I shall never forget it.


Tuesday 21st November 2006 at 9.41am.

PS: I near forgot to say: a chance trick of the light as I stood at the top step in the sun earlier today suddenly revealed that the entire length of the metal? cladding covering the spine of St. Theresa's church proper, has been treated with the same strange paint? as the Wendyhouse roof in Fred's back garden. It also clearly showed not one, but two places that in the dark could be activated as some sort of sensors.

I am wary of writing what is happening to me physically. However, it is midmorning and laying down on my bed for a nap, the pressure intensifies behind my eyes and in my ears to an astonishing degree.
The crickets are screaming in my ears. My leg tries to cramp and my fingers burn.....
I go and stand in the kitchen where my ears and teeth still ache... I know its very real and not my imagination but who the hell would believe me?
My whingings out loud regarding my little digital camera refusing to load when I am sitting in certain parts of the house (in particular on my bed) have been heard by my listeners and adjusted on their controls?

What nasty arrangements have been made recently? You can utilise the bedroom sensor for this or the light over at the Snr. Boys hostel? Interesting.......

I can actually see the light that is being sent into our lounge (and so can the old man) but the bedroom attacks escape me. Through brick and plaster? What is it? Could it have anything to do with the fancy new cable that Sean Mudaly of Telkom, Overport so kindly installed months ago? That certainly runs along the wall above my bed. eh! crazy days!


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