Monday, November 20, 2006


Last night more hurried work on the Mothership (aka Sherwood Freeway Bridge). Very beautiful lights but sadly mostly hidden behind the ficus trees again.
Twas not such a stupid suggestion on my part that you consider me as your Safety Officer/Quality Controller.

I have no idea how far South the Muni's Big Brother scheme has planned to go. For the moment I guess to where the Southern Freeway ends?

When it is all finally in place and the time comes to make the final adjustments here on the Bridge - the BIG switch-on that will actually stay on. Can you guarantee that no mistakes will be made? No more casualties will occur?

You are right when you repeatedly say that I dont know what Im talking about. I only know what I see and feel. But it seems to me that my observations are at least as accurate as your trial tests were last November, if not more so.

Basil at No. 4 is now flawed. Is it to be third time lucky for you cowboys in the name of progress? Of course its not provable. I am not begging here. My only recourse is to keep hammering away until one of the megalomaniacs involved realises that it would be money well spent.

They have no medical aid. If a final surge were to take him out for good, what would Alice and Bradley do? These are truly good people and like the rest of the neighbourhood, consider me as crazy as a loon. Met ander woorde, YOUR kind of people. For the added stress and trauma you have caused them, 200ks is little enough. Surely your Schemers (oops! I mean Planners) can come up with a way to compensate these 3 unfortunate receipients of your so callous attentions without setting a precedent? Ah - not a chance as that would be tantamount to an Admission of Guilt right?
FFS you guys ARE guilty so pay up!

My old gran lived to be 90 years old - you would do well to bear that in mind. I have already made in-roads in the gossip department as you know.

So - I shall continue as I have been - a gnat on an elephants backside, toadfully trying to waken the Sherwood residents to the fact that their every movement is now being monitored.
Sure the crime stats are way down which is brilliant (*beams at der Kommissar) but we go back again to the history of organised crime in this area and Sydenham and I ask you to consider just how much easier it will now be for criminals. And here I do not refer to the odd chancer off the streets.

I am a classic case in point. My crime has been to be a good citizen i.e. a NUISANCE.
The resulting payback has been going on for years using petty and devious scare tactics. They haven't worked guys. You have made asses out of yourselves and revealed just how corrupt you truly are.

*looks at Allen Spence, Superintendent of Electricity for Durban.
Your Highly-technical computerised Anti-theft devices to prevent cable theft? The Mthinyane Muni Contractors removed that length of cable from outside the Jungle Nursery themselves in 2004. You know that and I know it.

Tread softly Allen, or the length of your nose may be the cause of your ultimate demise.

My constant and repetitive yammering here will change NOTHING.
If however, it causes just one reader to begin to doubt that your Big Brother mission is wholly above-board, legal and honest, my work here is done.

and on a lighter note..... the would-be heir to the Captain's Power Controls, Fred the Accountant, has 2 new rather interesting little lights in his upstairs window. If they are reflections - of what?
I could hear someone working with stone/concrete over in that direction earlier and wonder if it is the unsuspecting and pleasant Godfrey with the contract workers mixed in amongst the genuine workers. I wait with great anticipation to see if there are any changes.

What a master-stroke to covertly convert and utilize residents existing DSTV satellite dishes as aerials for your wireless network. I'm sure if you were to offer all these residents, iBurst for say, R100 per month uncapped it might go some way to distracting them from your real purpose?

The more dodgy and corrupt behaviour I encounter, the better I feel about this toad. Its a miracle!!!
Captain Courageous also had workers in earlier this morning. What wondrous additions and alterations can be expected? Pest Control? *falls about laughing.....

The high pitched whine in my ears is once again constant and my fillings too are making themselves felt. Easy Fred, easy boy.

The chopper dashed overhead towards the Pavillion at 10.15am.


Monday 20th November 2006 at 12.24pm.