Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I do Not have to feign my liking for the people working up at our local station. I really enjoy going up there when I've baked and seeing all the smiling faces.

Sure, there are those in uniform who will forever and always regard me as the enemy. Who delight in perpetuating the myth. Whose obeisance to the corrupt ex Station Commander Koobair dictates their behaviour and attitude towards this toad.

The fact that der Kommissar sees fit to allow this to continue is frankly, sad.
I have said to him myself that I am not the enemy but he chooses to turn a deaf ear.

And so we come to Captain Courageous once again, and his so-called connections to the Internation Big boys of Law Enforcement.
Collin is obviously Very well known and admired by people from all walks of life online, including the above mentioned Law agencies. And yet, I have to ask..

Do you Really know Captain Courageous?aka Collin Balliram?
Are you Positive you know where his real affiliations lie?
Are you amused by the malicious antics blogged previously by myself regarding this young man and his circle of corrupt friends?

If I had spoken out like this even a year ago - this PC would have been cooked by a tenderly administered surge of power via our 'shared' fuse. Believe it. This has been done many times over the last 8 years but has not deterred me in the least.

I have no idea whose hand it is that temporarily stays the Sword of Damocles, nor do I care. The fact is that Truth will out one way or another *beams at Bali.....
it has of course occurred to me that in my position as Chief Guinea-pig it may be more amusing to allow me to whitter on as all the while you increase the levels of crud you send me. Purely in the interests of scientific research of course. *laughs grimly.....

Collin handling Internet Security at Banking Organisations? Working with the SAPS and Government? Teaching others how to manage sections of street lights and wireless? omg!

On the other side, I do see good in him. I'm guessing his gran loved him so he cant be all bad. And my feelings towards him Have to be chiefly of fond gratitude for reasons previously written.

I have kept the text Missus Courageous sent me saying Elizabeth lied as it makes me smile.
The Courageous Twosome - whats not to love?

And again I have to wonder whether our very own President mBeki is aware of this innovative Big Brother scheme. It certainly would explain why he spends so little time in his own country. The knowledge that every time he so much as clears his throat it is monitored and recorded and the question of whether he can trust these monitors must have occurred to him.

dont sweat the small stuff.......
another Muni lackey doing his thing at 8.00am this morning, hanging over the playing field wall for nearly an hour just watching. I put him on ignore.

Mo phoned at 8.30am to say 3 well-dressed guys hanging about on the grass below Challenge.
Here I have to say that at times the tapped phone is a blessing. If it were proven at a later stage that we ARE being monitored, there would have to be explanations made quite smartly. If these 3 loiterers get up to no good, why were they not moved on as soon as Mohameds call was logged?
After all *winks..... Big Brother is there to prevent crime is it not?

Screenfreeze this morning at about 6.00am. As usual that time frame is missing from the Nortons logs. No surprises there.

I sat just after 4.00am here in the lounge and smiled at the audible clicks as each jackpoint was checked, and of course a while later, after 2minutes of drying my hair, the dryer cut out. *grins at Bali.... you just can't resist hey? I left it for a few minutes and then finished later without it cutting out again at all. Pfft...

I headed straight into Bawel trivia on efnet this morning after 6.00am. Was just sitting drooling gently at the screen, not typing when I was suddenly kicked from the room for an excess flood lol!! Oops?

The chopper VERY busy today. Over twice before 8.00am and again now after 12.00pm three times. Directly over Freds this time. a token of recognition? heheh .....


Wednesday 22nd November 2006 at 12.49pm