Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The stars were all glittering in an almost clear sky this morning at 4.00am. I sat down at the top in time to see the GateKeeper (HeadHoncho) scuttle from the Senior Boys Hostel over to the main orpahange building of St. Theresa's where he went in and switched on the kitchen? lights and then back across the foyer to the opposite door and into the Operations Room where he vanished.
Did he get a wakeup call from Captain Courageous? Why? Something to switch off that I wasnt supposed to see or else, something to activate while I was sitting out there in the open?
The Overhead lights on the Freeway bridge were all dark this morning.
In the lounge at 4.35am a huge power dip hit.
At about 5.30am the chopper flew slowly overhead from the East with it's strange green sidelight facing Fred's place. There is more than just the one light on the side of the chopper but at the angle it was flying today, the one was all I could see.
I could smell the vagrants bush fire at 4.15am.
Always and forever I have questions:
Charles N. across the road appears to be working at home these days. He may well be uninvolved in spite of his connection to Brian Osborne and the Illuminati. The only negative alarm bell that rings with this young man is the fact that all five of his dogs fear him so. The smile and wave that he gave me last week were so much out of character that I immediately put the poor guy back in the Game heh. Paranoia? *shrugs....
Who is Zub over in efnet trivia? She can barely contain herself. *laughing... She rather reminds me of the young and silly Calliope of Studio54 days but surely she would have grown up by now?
Kitt ii (Bali's flash 2-door Beemer) has been parked at the top of his driveway now for several days and nights.
Seriously unlike him to do this as it usually gets pride of place in his garage. Unless..... unless Kitt ii is making a contribution while sitting idly in Direct Line of Sight of our house?
Indeed, its front windscreen has a truly strange appearance unlike any other I've seen before. Just a fancy sunshade? GO KITT II !!
Sitting reading out in the garden and at 8.55am decided to make a phone call using the electric portable phone. Instead of a line I get a massive rush of noisy static as I sat there directly under the telephone cable that runs up into our roof.
What exactly did Sean Mudaly of Telkom Overport use, to 'rewire' our telephone system all those months ago?
Still thinking about the air traffic thing. Since what? the night before last? when the wind at last swung round to a north easter, we have been back on the main flight path for landings at Louis Botha. Taekoffs too are flying normally up over the southern freeway and outer ring road heading north.
Has the Muni stopped working while the planes fly overhead? Ive not actually heard the chopper again since early this morning though no doubt it will be back later. Maybe just out of earshot.
The screaming choirs of Xmas beetles in my ears have changed considerably since the stuff was moved to Freds place. Not so loud at all though much more pressure.
I sent a text through to Rudolph Mhlope this morning regarding the constant power dips and gave him this blog addie, saying that he had been blogged.
I cant help but wonder just how much information he is privy to and how much he isnt told. Kept in the dark so to speak heheh..
Tuesday 14th November at 4.43pm