Monday, November 13, 2006

Captain Courageous aka My Controller, the DroneMaster, Bali - Prakash/Collin Balliram (aka Collin Moodliar): charming prevaricating cracker claiming connections to the Scorpions, Govt. Interpol, MI5 etc. (lives right next door)
Missus Courageous - charming prevaricating 2nd hand car salesperson. (lives right next door)
Fred the Accountant - Fred Cochran : prone to irrational rages, tosser of Indian King fireworks and presently keeper of all the interesting techno electrical once guarded by Captain Courageous. (lives next door but 1)
Allen Spence aka RedEyedAl - Has risen to hold the position of Superintendent of Electricity for Durban. Was the Project Manager for the Municipality Wireless Test project begun in 2004. An extremely earnest prevaricator.
Mike Oliver - Beefy, cynical head of teams contracted to Ethekwini electricity Security Div. Prevaricator.
Rudolph Mhlope - Manager of those Very Special Lights Div. - Puppet
Stealth - Shaheen Bhoola : the Eskom link and buddy to my Captain Courageous.
der Kommissar - Head of our local Station. Magnetically omnipotent and easily as crazy as the Toad. Currently more often than not busy aloft in a neat little white & blue chopper. Airwing?
Telkom Overport - Devan Pillay, Bevan, Theunis plus assorted groupies involved in supplying information from bugging telephone lines out of Overport Depot.
IRC Trivia groupies: Many and varied. Bright people who had no reason not to believe the utter bullshit fed to them by a skilled cracker/prevaricator - one Collin Balliram.
The Captain's connections are indeed all-powerful. I have, for some time, been aware that it amuses him when I use his real name (Though who can be absolutely sure whether this IS his real name) in a post or blog.
I in turn, am always interested to see what in particular it is I do, that gets a swift and nasty reponse.
Having posted my scrambled thoughts on playing Trivia the day before, i then went into efnet trivia just after 7.00pm last night, to be met with the wondrous keyboard lag which announces so clearly my heroes presence. I typed in my blog addie at about 7.15pm and by 7.20pm had been disconnected totally from the trivia room and couldnt get back in. Shot! so - a smack from the big man himself heh....
Probably for no other reason than accumulated irritation but still....
a new sensor light noticed this morning on Bali's property but as always, I shall have to pay it further attention before adding it to my permanent list.
The nasty deep orange light in the 16th? window along from the right of the St. Theresa's orphanage dormitories on the first floor, was full on when I went to bed last night. ROFLMAO!! I may well have miscounted there buys but only by 1 or 2 - rather save it for best or it will be added smartly to my 'always on' list.
I was fantasising at some point - of arriving over at St. Theresa's unannounced with a complete stranger in tow. I enjoyed picturing the panic stricken GateKeepers whizzing by to try and remove/disable any evidence.
I have proven to you, that unannounced CAN be done no matter how much monitoring you surround me with. *laughing....
My own man (a hard-core Game wrecker if ever there was one) is getting quite used to the idea of Reading as opposed to Listening... bear this in mind o my Captain of Captains. You can no longer rely on him to give away my thoughts and ideas so freely.
I have not studied the hatchlings on the Freeway Bridge for a couple of days except to note that they appear to have thinned out considerably. The two or three that are left have small sensor lights visible. The crews must be busy on the bridges of the Southern Freeway/Outer Ring Road as its been pretty quiet the last couple of nights... the rain might also be a factor though it has not stopped the chopper from continuing about its business.
My post to Captain WiFi aka DecoyDuck last night in myadsl? I should be extremely surprised if there were any response to this at all. That certainly wasnt the object of the exercise.
*wonders if the Forum members are still being warned to avoid me or is it just the now surely visible green glow that surrounds me that continues to make me a Pariah?
I personally do not find my allegations regarding WiMAX surveillance on Freeways to be thrilling or exciting news. Indeed no. It is as ever, the surveillance system used on unsuspecting residents in the suburbs that grips me. The corrupt and underhand methods used to spread this surveillance successfully throughout each suburb is what keeps me here.
One of my questions has been pretty much answered since yesterday. As to whether or not these WiMAX radio signals affect the jet liners flying in and out of the Durban airport and over the city and suburbs. Judging from the volume of air traffic overhead since yesterday I have to guess that it is not a problem.
Another week has gone by and no word of any serious crime in our area. If this is proven to be the case when Lut. reports back from the GOCOC Meeting today it will be very good news indeed. That the crime situation can be so well-controlled when necessary paints a pretty clear picture here. Whether or not you choose to see that picture is entirely up to you.
Monday 13th November 2006 at 1.30pm