Sunday, November 19, 2006

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The fact that I didn't blog yesterday shows a pretty large Pause-for-Thought on my part. Most unusual? Naa - I was simply too lazy.

I grant you it gets harder, daily, to be even slightly coherent, and the temptation to revert to another personality is always hovering. But that would be the easy way out would it not? Confirming once and for all that I am a small step away from total insanity.

So - I shall plod on, repeating myself again and again in the hope that one day a real hero will stumble across my words and finally pay attention. (delusional to the end? heheh)

Nothing and yet everything has changed. The feeling that Captain Courageous has pulled back is still there. This has happened in the past, only for him to return with a vengeance. Modifications have already been made to the equipment in his patio since my last mention, but amusingly enough, it is still the bag of charcoal that tells me the machinery lives. Nice try though Bali. The ceramic thingie on the front corner of his roof is also a giveaway. Those darned things give off that lumo light and nothing can be done to hide it.

I stand by Everything i've said previously though I tend to feel the Powers that Be have relaxed somewhat since my epiphany regarding WiFi and the fact that Ive figured out that these little beauties have been, and are being installed at intervals, throughout Sherwood and Sydenham.

Grasping the complicated technology is way beyond me. But I do know for sure that it is certainly NOT as simple as just WiFi. Nope - there is way more to this. The fibre optic cable that riddles our suburb? The lights everywhere? Lights that appear to have no useful function at all and yet so many of them that cause the hairs on the neck to rise. Back to animal instinct for sure.

Sherwood and specifically down here by the Freeway Bridge IS the Mothership if you will. I guess the Wireless side is gradually being made public. Dominic's post on myadsl indicates that he at least is aware of massive changes coming in telecomms.
The Verminous one's absolute refusal to engage in conversation is also pretty damning. He knows a considerable amount more than he is prepared to reveal. And Certainly not to this eejit.

I am not over-dramatizing when I say that there is a whole community surrounding me who are being subjected to apalling abuse and unacceptable levels of EMF. Only time will tell and of course by then it will be way too late.

The Captain is no doubt still insisting that he certainly wouldnt let His children stay in the area if there were any risk whatsoever. and the same would apply to Fred the Accountant.

It is fairly obvious the story these Charmers have adopted for their peers out on the Net. It follows perfectly with the claims of paranoia yelled so loudly way back in Studio54. *grins.....

Tell me then o heroic Captain of my heart, why you have passed at least a portion of responsibility over to the Accountant? Why your streetlight pole, once so festooned with lights, is now (from the verge at least), so quiet?
Why hasty adjustments are made in your patio when I mention it here?
Why Elizabeth Has to go? Why neither of your kids play outside for more than 10 minutes at a time, if ever? (Missus Courageous not taking any chances?)

I am aware that you control the levels of crap, and that You may have them lowered for say, an afternoon braai? But your visitors never seem to linger much these days when it used to be that your house was always full of jolly noise and laughter?
They are nervous. Of what?

Judging from the remarks made (to be sure, most of them childishly snide) over in trivia, I am as always portrayed as nuttier than a fruitcake. These players have probably known the Captain for many years out there on the net and consider him to be a friend. It is doubtful that they all know the methods he employs and the levels he sinks to, to achieve his aims. Does he tell them that the station is now squeaky clean and won a best station award? *falls over laughing...
Do ANY of his peers begin to see cracks in his oh-so-honest demeanour? My guess is that some would find the hint of crookedness an added cachet... eeuw...

Enough of that.

Mo popped in earlier for just 5 minutes and it was amusing to see how the Accountant pulled up outside his house just as Mo was leaving. Fred must of had a call from Bali to say Mo was here and to get his ass home quick as he is supposed to be monitoring everything here now.

Fred is going to find me as irritating as Captain Courageous does and he will have to learn to move a LOT quicker heheh...

A while later, sitting in the lounge, I could hear the distinct click as each jackpoint in the lounge was tested. The sun has come out at last and poor old Fred is stuck indoors perfecting his art. He will find that the spanking new Beemer he drives will cost him dearly one way or the other.

Which of course brings me to the question of Why my heroic Captain has been so uncharacteristically pleasant lately. Is it to be a permanent change-over to Fred? Missus Captain has had enough of being a star on the Truman show? The Captain has had an offer he can't refuse? Of course he is still with me at the moment. Poor Fred is not yet ready to take on the huge task unaided. My Captain will have to constantly remind him that dumb as I am - I do have my moments.

A small suggestion that you tread warily with the attacks on this old toad. The ones that make me feel like the crap you all perceive me to be. You cannot know for sure that whatever it is that you send me wont by some chance irony, hit one of your own. Softly is the operative word fellahs. Today the toad, tomorrow the Universe?



EDIT: Having posted the above at 3.00pm, by 3.30pm the Courageous family complete with visitors were happily cavorting in their front garden by the pool. A most unusual scene of late and a great coincidence :} but so idyllic that if I have contributed in ANY way to making it happen, I am in part, rewarded for hanging in there. May it be the first of many such gatherings. I am sure that the EMF levels will be at an acceptable level for these occasions.
I am sufficently fond of them after all these years, to hope that they can eventually leave this vendetta behind and move on.
Sadly, their lives seem to be lived like some weird script, dictated to by corruption and payback time.
Giving me to the Accountant is not going to fix your problem. I have just been up on the verge with Sophie and had a chat to my streetlight pole in the hopes that Fred could gallop swiftly into his house and activate the audio thingie. *laughing...
Bali IS mine forever but I can see that dour old Fred and the toad are going to have some fun.
Ends. Sunday 4.54pm