Friday, November 24, 2006


So yes - Eugene's kids DO have a WiFi system/Network running on his property. So what? He's a great guy and this doesnt change my opinion of him in the slightest.

What should however, ring alarm bells is the VIP treatment this system has been given by the Muni. Its certainly not a privately owned setup no matter what Eugene may think.

The fact that the Electricity Dept. made such changes to Eugene's streetlight (see pics) and that they sent the cherry-picker out PLUS a uniformed traffic cop to clear a few branches that were obstructing this pole, should confirm that Eugenes kids are now a part of the Covert Surveillance using broadband over Powerlines for the Municipality. Do they know the full implications? The wondrous ways in which individual privacy is now a thing of the past? I doubt they spend much time or thought on that angle.
Right, so Eugenes house at the top of Garbutt Road, Missus Courageous sister nearer the bottom of Garbutt Road and why not Shakoor Shaik? up Harris Crescent with our very own Councillor Baig higher up? *choking...... and yes, the Councillor has very recently had a complete make-over done to his property and its looking truly stunning! It stood for so long in disrepair and seediness but he was told to wait?

And now tis time to go hunting in Sandringham Place and Browns Grove methinks heheh.... or - has the Beasts rep already been approached? *foresees some fun ahead....

Just a small suggestion from this tard here - STOP telling these guys that they must keep it all a secret and not let anyone know about the WiFi arrangements. Just quit it. Let them rather suggest to their neighbours that they too can have affordable internet. A foreign concept for you dodgy lot but hey it works for me.
Naturally you would tell them not to mention the finer details (if they are even privy to that side of it)

And now I must thank Captain Courageous for having all those power dips occuring a couple of nights ago, sorted out. Oh, and the screen freeze set for 6.00am didnt happen today. So the older dudes working at the Captains place yesterday and the day before achieved their goal.

A request - could you set my IP addie to the 196 range permanently? Of course it makes not an iota of difference to the PC's performance with my Hero at the helm but....

I have to smile at the disbelief displayed when I try and describe the physical effects I feel from all the attention paid to my by the Captain and now Freddie.
With mon Capitanos help, I have grown strong enough to weather any amount of ridicule that is directed at me *shrugs....
I can say with impunity that it was only 2 nights ago that the huge waves of crud stopped bombarding me, both in the lounge and in the bedroom. If I were prone to panic I would have to question whether I was losing the plot. But I find it interesting, more than anything else.

I am frustrated by my inability to use the correct terms and words and just have to struggle on hoping someone can figure out what it is I am trying to say heh.

Is it possible that when there is a huge pressure front (like just before a storm) combined with the radio signals here, it has this weird effect on my system? I dont know. But strangely, as the sky has cleared so has the terrible pressure in my head improved.

The light that now invades our lounge and which we both tracked back to Fred and his newfound power, is still there. Nothing has changed.
Somebody doing construction work at Freds this morning.

A little red and white chopper up earlier and another has just zipped along the freeway towards the city at 10.30am. and yet another at 11.45am. Ive no idea which choppers they were though as I didnt get up to look.I heard der Kommissars vehicle siren a few minutes after the last chopper passed over so.....

Does Captain Courageous himself decide when Ive outstayed my welcome at efnet trivia or do the 'packet kiddies' wail for him to disconnect me so totally?
Wonders about chomosh......
No reconnection allowed to any other trivia channel after the initial disconnect either and there I was, mistakenly thinking the Capt had been told to lay off me for a while. Ahh - tis the matter of face? the trivia thing?

I am getting more inclined towards my theory that I'm being allowed to blog while being sent massive amounts of damaging whatever.
If an actual order was given to the effect that the Capt. must leave me alone - he is obviously ignoring it in every area except the blogging.

Our ubiquitously planted vagrant lies supine at the foot of the gum trees across the valley. A quick glance through the binoculars reveal his head lifted to gaze in this direction. *puts the idiot on ignore....

The large square of unknown white material on the grass just below the Snr. Boys Hostel insance lights, has been spread out again neatly.


Friday, 24th November 2006 - only blogged next day.