Thursday, November 23, 2006


Is there anyone out there thats keeping up with me here? Not likely but no problemo.....

Was it not fairly recently that a new law was rushed through with almost indecent haste to the effect that ones landline calls may now be legally monitored/recorded?

and a law along the same lines regarding cellphones?

May I now guess here, that quite soon the law regarding the setting up of private WiFi systems will change drastically. That anyone will be able to apply although 99% of the applications will go into an 'application being processed' limbo land and never materialise again.

Quite possibly I've missed the boat as usual and this law already exists. It would neatly cover Bali's equipment that Was and is now Fred's inheritance. and of course all the other WiFi systems neatly dotted throughout Sherwood and Sydenham.

Hey man! Its all legal and above board! Raaait! NOT! No doubt its a relatively easy matter to change the law if you have the right contacts, and Telkom especially will have plenty of those. But surely somewhat more complicated to explain the fact that so many residents have enhancements and additions been made Without their permission or knowledge.

Let me ask you this; Does Cyril the Good at No. 16 know the implications of living in Direct Line of Sight to the Convent? Does Godfrey at No. 14 know that he probably has fibre optic cable on his property (or will have by the time the builders leave) that he certainly didnt order?

What about kind Mr. Essay up at No. 20? Right at the top of this section in such a useful position? That one, if you recall, I got from the proverbial horse's mouth. King of the Mthinyane Contract Workers, contracted to the Ethekwini Electricity Dept. Security Div. (pics) and then to Telkom. King informed me that he Had been working at Number 20 Harris Crescent. Pardon? He got it wrong? No, I dont think so - he was a particularly bright and pleasant young man and knew exactly what he was talking about so....

I spoke to someone today who told me that no way can you adapt an exisiting DSTV aerial and double it up to use for a wireless aerial. And so another wild theory temporarily shelved. Bearing in mind that I was also told by an 'expert' in the EE field that only a Very small group believed that releasing water pressure affected the EMF in any way, and yet I am pretty sure that thousand of litres of water are still being deliberately run off regularly in this area.

My conclusion - Nothing is carved in stone.

The chopper worked practically non-stop yesterday from early morning through till after dark and was back up again early this morning. If there is a deadline to be met surely all this rain is causing problems for the ground teams?

A screenfreeze here mentioned yesterday at 6.00am occurred again this morning bang on time. What is it that is set to auto kick in at 6.00am o Courageous One? You come on duty? Fred comes on duty? The logs purtaining to these incidents are as always missing. - fascinating.

A few minutes after publishing yesterday's blog there was the sound of someone having an enraged attempt at reversing up a steep slope. I had no idea the Captain was home but maybe he had a contractor there. Sigh..... whoever it was, stripped away a good few layers of tread in his fury. (more workers arrived half an hour ago. great fun to speculate on exactly what it is that is being hastily done or undone heheh)

Fury - now that reminds me - I wonder if Basil has thought to go for tests to see if there is further pressure buildup that may need draining. Last night was amazingly free of the nasties but the damage done on the nights prior to that was hectic. I can only hope you have me accurately pinpointed and don't get some innocent body by mistake.

I believe the figure I gave for Basil was 200ks and cheap at the price.
Did it cause much merriment? I imagine that in certain quarters it certainly did. However - tis the crooked Allen Spence, Supreme Commander of Electricity for Durban today, and who knows what tomorrow, that i address here. The Purchaser or Buyer if you will.

Surely you are bleeding sufficient funds from the witless masses to honour this huge debt you owe to Basil?
Can't quite figure out how to do it without drawing attention?
Well, I would be happy to suggest several ways that you could cough up this over-due payment, without losing face or any more credibility. All you need do is ask.

I have to smile at the current chaos at the Pavillion, The Village Market and soon the Westville Mall. I would like to see huge billboards put up saying: Please be Patient - Chaos due to laying of fibre optic cables to further screw the consumer over. heh.

Since last remarking on the deliberate dumping of trash over into the valley from St. Theresa's, there has been loads more added to the mess.
Driving down the Crescent on the way home this morning I noticed that every other streetlight pole had a bag of rubbish planted next to it. All the way down to my place. The same bags that Durban solid Waste wekkers use when sweeping the streets. As the official collection day for Sherwood is a Wednesday what on earth is this about?
I stopped and spoke to the car guard who said the trash was there when he arrived early this morning which means it was dumped overnight. Could they be markers set for the criminal element ? Markers which mean Stay Away this area is not to be touched?

Could it be that Durban Solid Waste brought in team of wekkers during the night to do a swift neighbourhood cleanup? And the bags are the result and were going to be picked up today anyway? We shall wait and see..

As always, when some of my more outrageous guesses are said to be incorrect I feel a tad low spirited. This will of course, not last long. Bear with me on my ride through the Land of the Corrupt.


Thursday 23 November 2006 at 2.25pm

Now 9.19pm and such a busy afternoon has had mon Capitan.... all his guys around working like beavers! Doing what? heheh....
and now sitting minding my own business (THATS a first) playing trivia in efnet and erm... Captain Courageous simply cannot resist and i lose my connection. I hear his remote chirrup shortly afterwards. Such a predictable boy he is indeed.
It matters not how swiftly he shifted all the so called evidence up to Fred's house... the Captain can NEVER leave me :}