Monday, November 27, 2006


Cloud cover? That's what exacerbates these weird symptoms? It traps the 'waves' and intensifies them here in the valley?
I went up and watched some magnificent lightning for a bit at 4.00am this morning. My ears went deaf and the crickets shrieked non-stop. *smiling..... ja, I like the cloud cover theory and will stick with it.

Fred has kindly put our little green light back on this morning in our lounge.

I was wondering about the cell masts. Are they being utilised in combination with all the other techno stuff? The lights and with wifi systems? So handy that the big one at the side of the Freeway in Mayville has Direct Line of Sight through to the Convent and beyond into Sydenham, including all the houses above Harris Crescent on the hill. What about the one up Harris Crescent, so terrifyingly close to Riaz back boundary wall? Useful?

Again, I am totally impressed by the ease with which this Big Brother scheme is being installed throughout the country.

My repeated assertion that Koeberg and its 'problems' was merely a cover to distract from the continuous power cuts necessary while the Big Brother set-up is installed, remains.

Eskom is heavily involved in this scheme as well. *beams at Dawn 'SweetViolet' Govender.

The ever escalating crime rate? Could it too be a further deliberate ruse to add to peoples stress levels and further distract them from noticing other stuff happening? Urban decay etc.?

The huge amount of building renovations and alterations being done up in Garbutt Road as well as Harris Crescent alone should raise eyebrows but.....

Twas well that my Paranoia title was bestowed on me so early in the Game. ensuring my feeble bleatings are shrugged off with rolling eyes.

Manipulation of the Masses is frighteningly simple is it not?

Eh, how I would love to know the PuppetMaster that Allen Spence dances for... Eskom or Telkom bigwig no doubt... It would have to be a name that is seldom , if ever, heard or seen.

Sure, this has already been done in the UK, or a variation of it at least. Wherever I look in the Press, India is bobbing up. I look at RAMCO again and its International connections..

Sadly, I guess that crime will escalate even further until at least shortly before the World Cup when it should improve.
Big Brother will then be touted countrywide as a miraculous god-send. Tis hard to take my thoughts from the ongoing corruption right here in Sherwood to thinking on a National scale.

I do NOT waste my energy (and yes, it is considerable snoopy_inc) on wishing ill even to the smug and self-righteous Allen Spence for pouring billions of rands into a scheme that is so utterly rotten, its stench will linger permanently.

Can he claim that he was unaware of the lack of morals or ethics on the part of the sellers of this original scheme? No.

A black and white chopper up earlier circling over the Station.

In case I forgot to mention - our series of streetlights are now pretty much synchronised as they should be though they still behave on the odd occasion as though they have a mind of their own *laughing...

Captain Courageous sensor lights bedecking his pole are still as bright as ever though only when viewed from our property and no longer the verge.

Having just caught up on a backlog of newspapers I have to say that I hope der Kommissar doesn't subscribe to the "any publicity is good publicity" school of thought.
I'm pleased to see the Tribune journalist, like me, also backs a sure-fire winner and views der Kommissars promotion as a fait accompli.

Hopefully since my previous blog, any misconception he may have harboured (entertained? lol) have been sorted.

I am precisely what I purport to be: a toad willing to assist in any way in the fight against corruption *whispers...NOT the enemy....

Our pre-paid valley vagrant is really revealing a flair for fashion. At some point last week he had on what appeared to be powder-blue embroidered jeans and the next day a beautifully cut brilliant emerald shirt. He surely must have a walk-in wardrobe somewhere up at the convent?

It appears that blogging my pictures here is no longer an option. What worked perfectly has stopped working. *looks at the Heroic one.....

Sophie's dark green plastic tub is turning a faded whitish colour fairly rapidly in spite of only sitting in the shade. Interesting?


Monday 27th November 2006 at 12.13am