Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I have to wonder how many casualties there have been amongst the Muni Contract Wekkers themselves, since they began this Noble project?
How many have displayed extreme symptoms and been laid off with a muffled 'oops!' and a puny settlement?
The Master of the Project, Allen Spence himself, told me way back that the shocking appearance of his own eyes was due to Arc lights. At the time I figured he was spending way too much time in front of his PC.
Now of course, I realise that he was uncharacteristically telling the truth. He would have been over-seeing the customisation of the flat-bed trucks carrying the dizzying array of lights needed to set up all the various monitoring and surveillance equipment on the freeways and in the suburbs.
This revelation occurred to me this morning at 3.00am when I finally gave up on Sophie's restlessness and got up.
Some of the brilliant lights on the trucks are nearly of arc light strength and though they were working on the far side of the Freeway bridge and flyon leading up to Westville today, they generally seem to finish off with some huge welding. I wasnt treated to the greenish crackling light today as too many ficus trees are in the way.
Do all the wekkers get to sign some sort of indemnity form that gives them absolutely no rights should they experience permanent damage to their eyes or even cancerous tumours? Or am I as always leaning to the melodramatic?
A bonus getting up an hour earlier was seeing clearly that Captain Courageous' electrical monitoring equipment (tucked into his patio a few feet from our property) is very much alive and functioning. I could clearly see lights reflected on both the erm, Braai Coal packet? and the tower like box. No reasons for the reflections where they were so...... Charming but absolutely no surprise there.
Again, with the correct meter reading equipment I could prove that the Courageous ones' protestations of the toad being treated only as a joke are a complete and utter fabrication. That in fact, an almost constantly high level of EMF is being directed via, I would have to say, Clive's bathroom wall specifically at this house. He is rather coy with the Bedroom sensor these days but it still is clearly visible on most occasions.
I would also guess that the corrupt Allen Spence is aware of this but chooses to remain silent on the matter. After all, he has need of the authors of this original scheme still and cannot afford to make waves (make waves!!!! hahaha! You've gotta love that!).
So I do not regard my Captain as the guilty party regarding casualties - he really knows no better. I would rather focus on the truly wicked - Allen Spence (such a deceptively, ordinary looking geek) and his immediate cronies. Mike Sutcliffe himself would be right up there on the list as well.
At least one of Fred's new lights is to ensure no casual visitors pop by, down in the valley to check out his electrical supply.. as if.......though I have been studying my pictures a while ago and it may just be that one of the lights is not on Fred's property at all... will have to research further and make corrections if needed.
Wednesday 8th November 2006 at 3.07pm