Thursday, November 09, 2006

When first the Clan of the Crooked realised that Captain Courageous' name was on my lips each and every time I opened my mouth, it was viewed with the usual mirth.
But gradually, even these magnificent Pillars of Corruption could see themselves left with a prize lackey of no worth whatsoever should even just a few of the sheeplike masses begin to view him with suspicion.
Withdraw & Regroup? Yes. The monitor lights on the streetlight pole outside Bali's now, to all intents and purposes, do not exist. (that applies to the view from the street only). The planting of visible sensor lights about his property has also ceased.
I was watching a pair of mynahs from S's bedroom window this afternoon when I suddenly realised that the badly applied coat of paint to a section on Bali's house wall reminded me of something. And there it was. The photo I took of the wall beneath Clives (No. 10) bathroom windows that I have insisted were specially treated? I now see the exact same effect over roughly the same sized area, only this time on Bali's house wall. In effect we are boxed in? *laffing.....
and no, I cant remember when this was done and must assume when Bali put the 2nd aircon unit on that wall by his lounge not so long ago. Charming.... (watch his eyes guys watch his eyes...)
Also missing for some time has been the eerie and erratic flashing light that for so long lived in Captain Courageous' garage. With a life of it's own it would almost crackle and leap all night long.
Where could it be? *sniffs the air......
Surely NOT relegated to a little corrugated structure at the bottom of Fred's garden, right next to his power pole? I would have guessed it happier living in the Wendyhouse where it had room to breathe and kick? Ah...but the Wendyhouse is made of wood and though it could safely house the necessary computer equipment (as in Bali's patio) I would guess it a dodgy place to contain such a sparkling electrical creature? (see stunning photos)
I had no plans to blog today but you are feeding me these delicious titbits that I have to now share.
Having invited myself to visit number 14 to view their building additions a plan had to be made swiftly? *chokes.... and so - Fred's garage is to be the new home to all the wondrous technology that began life in Captain Courageous own garage at Number 6 Harris Crescent, was rehoused to the bottom of Fred's garden and now is finally having its own customised corner in Fred's garage up on the road at Number 12 Harris Crescent. Confusing? Nope it makes perfect sense.
Captain Courageous has lied to his peers for long enough and wishes to be able to say he is not corrupt without having to grasp his growing nose each time?
May I predict a possible power cut as they reconnect all the goodies in Fred's garage? May I also predict problems for the toad connecting to iBurst and staying connected?
I shall certainly report back on all the exciting events as this move takes place.
The pressure is on! The Naaasty orange light at the Snr. Boys Hostel was full on our house all night which bodes no good for us.
At 5 to 11am this morning a smashing shiny white aircraft flew directly overhead - slow and low. a piper cub or commanche type craft with big blue lettering on its wings saying POLICE.
I gave them a wave and imagined a dipped wing in return. Has the activating computer equipment been moved from the chopper? Surely not -
The chopper is certainly faster and more manouverable for the job it has to do?
Waiting has become my forte now and wait I shall. 8 years have come and gone in the blink of an eye.................
Footnote: If the Courageous Twosome wish to use their dog the staunch Brownie/Nobby as a pawn in the Game they will be blogged and posted until they are revealed as deliberately uncaring and unkind.
Their maid is stressed. I hear both the toddler and the dog crying during the morning. Not a common occurrence and one that they should address soon.
Thursday 9th November 2006 at 5.59pm

PS. Now Friday 10th November at 5.23am: I forgot to mention that among the things I miss, the oscillator should be included... that cheery sucky sucky noise hasnt been heard in weeks. In this case, I really hope Im wrong as Bali would do well to keep some sort of monitoring going on his property :{.... besides - does the accountant have the brains to work it? Eish! as I predicted Fred's panic lights at the bottom of his garden Were on this morning when I rose. Now the question remains: Did they move the stuff last night or not? Time will tell ......
(the beginnings of a script for a play are here: Main players so far: a Cracker, a Used-Car salesperson and now an Accountant!!!) ends.