Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I woke this morning to find yesterday's seemingly horrendous levels of EMF considerably improved.
One wild theory could be that Missus Captain is home for the morning and only leaves later on. It will be interesting to see if the levels are cranked up After she has gone and whether our Streetlights (which were off at the normal time this morning) come back on and burn all day.
Elizabeth the Staunch for the chop? Come on in Boat No. 3?
Such a shame as she has lasted longer than the other erm, 21? was it? But I have to confess to wondering how she had lasted so much longer than all the others.
In another life I think sometimes that the Captains Missus and I would get along just fine.
We three are linked for all eternity after all. der Kommissar flies over at 8.00am and has a dekko at us chatting by the gate.
I looked around at last nights CPF Meeting and wondered who would report back to whom. It looked as though Carol drew the short straw. The 2nd trip to China didnt materialise? Or shes been and back already? hmm.... or - there never was a 2nd trip planned at all? *laffin....
Young Baron on the Internet.... now theres a thought...ive no idea how old he is but he has Everything his heart could desire so why not a computer? *wonders if its come across the charming young man out there....
I managed to corner the very jumpy Telkom Rep too....I have to say if he IS hiding anything, he is really good at it.
I came away thinking the poor dude may well be exceptionally brainy but somewhere along the line he has been left in the dust.Definitely suffering from the same tunnel vision as my own dear man. It could all be way off base on my part but.....
The sewage smell hangs in the valley..its purpose? Part of the moronic vendetta? Not a clue to be quite honest...
Captain Courageous has moved the tech equipment slightly in his front patio and now reveals not just the one, but two green lights on the box.
The chopper overhead woke me from a heavy doze this morning outside at about 11.00am and now again it whacks along the horizon at 5.00pm....busy, busy, busy....
Wednesday 11 October 2006 at 5.30pm

UPDATE: I went up the top to fetch something from Plums car at about 7.00pm and to my utter delight - there is finally a sensor on the spine of St. Theresa's roof! 2 lights on in the tower beneath the statue itself but a lone sensor in the middle of the roofs spine!!! Have just gone back up now and its vanished .... :{
Though I did happen to see der Kommissar's whirlybird sailing for the fourth time along the horizon heading south. Where do they go at this time of night?

Wed. 11th October now 9.16pm