Friday, October 13, 2006

The water pressure was right down again this morning. Another burst pipe/deliberate run-off? No sewage pong until 9.00am when, for a short while, it was pretty over-powering.
I suspect dear Nobby (The Captain's staunch four-legged security guard) is being used as a pawn in one of the Captains lamer attempts at stirring.
More often than not these days this enormous animal is being shut off the property as his owners come and go.
Due to his size, the usual claims that 'they didnt see him' dont really cut much ice.
Yesterday - a variation on a similar theme... One of the Courageous one's electric gates was jammed open and Nobby, enjoying his freedom, declined to go back in. No effort was made to encourage him back, in spite of my request.
The Captain and his lady are very well aware of the killer dog up at No. 10 and that this dog has already on one occasion, damaged the amiable Nobster quite badly.
I can only guess (as ive probably mentioned before in my dotage) that it is hoped I will fall out with the owners of the killer dog should he once again attack Nobby?
How could I even imagine such a sick plan? Well, Ive lived here for 30 years and known the charming Ballirams for wot? 8 of those years. I pretty much know how things work in Sherwood and Sydenham now .. *beams
I have a feeling that this very well-connected couple are down to scraping the bottom of the barrel. To what ultimate end truly escapes me. Madam Courageous utter aversion to their landline is fairly understandable.
She simply doesnt enjoy being recorded. It would be great if she could get her story right about the non-functioning of said landline heheh...
and to tell me at the gate yesterday that their faithful retainer is 5 months pregnant and has a boyfriend that has at least 3 other lovers was also for reasons beyond my tiny pointed heads understanding. So..?
When I spoke to Elizabeth the retainer later, to futilely beg her to get Nobby off the road, she appeared, if anything, to have LOST weight not gained it. And when I politely enquired about her pregnancy she merely laughed and denied being pregnant. A mere communication glytch? Possibly.
Either way, it would be a pity to see her go as she is good with the baby and appears to be very hard working.
Sophie and I waited at the top this morning to wave at Captain Courageous as he drove by UP the Crescent. Alas, he turned his head away. None of the charming cheesy grins he gives us when we have company .
Dressed in casual gear, and going UP the road? Hmm... to the Station? to his in-laws in Garbett Road to make adjustments? Busy Boy he is indeed....
A question here:
theres this little valley and the air is Full of Electro Magnetic Force but the sky above is cloudless and clear so those unfortunates who are hypersensitive feel ok right?
But - on an overcast day, does the cloud cover somehow trap the EMF and intensify these 'radio waves' causing nausea and headaches? Wish I knew...
Ive a feeling that none of you really know the answer either....or care for that matter...
Friday 13th October at 1.38pm