Monday, October 09, 2006

An icy wind blowing at 4.00am this morning. The strange grey smog that has hung over Howard College and Effingham Heights has cleared at last.
The cherry-picker finally arrived yesterday morning to fiddle with Captain Courageous dodgy Control streetlight.
Am always amused at how so many of these technicians resemble each other. Is it the hair loss I wonder? The poor fellow wasnt happy to be put on Candid Camera but then he didnt have much choice.
The solid river of water rushing down Jan Smuts Highway yesterday morning from a burst in the mains just by the electricity sub-station?
Fascinating stuff! I would guess that the levels of EMF over the weekend reached nearly an all time high hence the water run-off. Now I have to ask - did the pressure break the pipe unaided or was it deliberately surged?
No doubt the Consumer can expect massive hikes in the rates to cover these costs?
We appear to be pretty much back to square one with the streetlight situation. Oh sure, the Captain's streetlight is once again (about time) fulfilling its primary function but I see that my series of lights up to the top of the Crescent now once again burn during the day.
The huge orange lights decorating the Senior Boys Hostel across the valley are now behaving in a desperate way. This morning I see even the back wall light facing me has been activated!
*hits the keyboard with its numb fingers......
The overhead Freeway lights on the bridge this morning were all out though not totally dead.
We are taking continuous High Risk attacks on the PC though no way to tell if its due to the shrooms saga or the Big Brother Project. They are both inextricably linked in my humble opinion so......
Risk Level: High.
Protocol: TCP.
Attacked IP:
Attacked Port: http(80).
this little charmer being a now regular visitor.
The red marker button on top of the Captain's streetlight directly outside Number 6, Harris Crescent, Sherwood has finally been changed to match all the other yellow markers. (How apt!) Whether it was changed by yesterdays cherrypicker or a few weeks ago matters not. I had already driven round the entire neighbourhood searching for another red to match his, with no success.
Who dares to say I do not earn my blogspace here? *laffin......
Tuesday 10th October 2006 at 8.15am