Saturday, October 28, 2006

Twas a beautiful starry sky this morning at 4.00am as I tottered up the 52 stairs to the top.
The chopper sailed by on the Northwest horizon heading south and began circling over - where? Queensborough? The Southern Freeway? The traffic monitors being installed on the bridges of the Southern Freeway is my guess here.
Since issuing my invitation in yesterday's blog to any party interested in viewing Captain Courageous' latest acquisition to his arsenal? He rather ungraciously left it switched off last night, for the first time since its installation last weekend.
A mere oversight I'm sure so, do not deny yourself the pleasure when next you are in the area.
If it is merely a carefully engineered red-herring aimed at fooling this gullible toad - it is certainly doing the job.
Vincent the Staunch managed to repair our damaged gate today though no apologies have been forthcoming from my dear Captain (I am totally unsurprised).
I can but wonder what the 8 mini light poles on the Freeway bridge are for. Do they light up? Will they generate more weird stuff to flatten my ears against my head and set all the dogs howling right up into Sydenham?
Saturday 28th October, 2006 @ 6.31pm

Played in efnet trivia this evening.... left and was immediately shut down totally. An innovative and brave effort from Captain Courageous. Bored? Grumpy? Missus Captain not home yet? eish...... electrical surges be ure forte still? Sad boy..... (and though I do often credit you with things you possibly have no part in - the electricity is your domain so please just take your bow)