Friday, October 27, 2006


This morning at sparrow's I am once again reminded of how clever this computer controlled scheme really is. A sensor that might be visible to an unwanted researcher? Why then, re-enable/activate it a mere 2mm to the left or right on the pole, and *poof* its gone to THAT viewer.

But heres one worth looking out for. I'm guessing that if you stand on my verge directly in line with my water meter (just inside the wall) and look down through the scrubby Cape Olive tree branches towards Captain Courageous front garden..there - blazing away at you, just in front of his patio awning, you will be able to see his latest contribution to the War on the Toad. Just the top of his new, improved coachstyle poolside lamp is visible to the right of the red topbar of the kiddies swing set. Well worth a look as my dead hands and aching joints can attest.
From the verge, his streetlight now appears fairly normal. However from my back bedroom the sensors bedeck the pole as always. Business as usual?

St. Theresa's GateKeeper continues to amuse. Changing sensor locations in an almost desperate fashion. Possibly he is not personally privy to this blog where I have clearly stated: I HAVE all the locations I need and only a sensor on the very top of the statue itself will now impress me. Possibly if one were to hang from the choppers landing structure it could be done? *laffin..... oh, and pretty much the same applies to Howard College. Yes, I have seen lights on Almost at the very top, but not good enough.... the apex or nothing.

One of the huge new Freeway Overhead lights has given birth!!! At least 8 smaller poles have sprung up next to it and it begins to resemble a veritable powerstation! Huge equipment stands ready for the weekend 'dead of the night' work.
Wirtgen? Our Romanian chums? Again I ask who and what is paying for all this? tsk, but of course a lowly guinea pig has no right to ask.

Captain Courageous left for work this morning and graced me with a truly charming smile. A shaft to the heart. And I have to think, why do I do this here, and reveal his Other side so diligently? and the answer is that this Blog is a basically business account as opposed to pleasure.

In case it is thought that I consider the Bedroom Sensor to now be obsolete with the advent of the new poolside light? Not at all - the green sensor is still very bright and active (unlike this toad).

20 minutes ago I happened to spot a valley visitor heading into the old drugboys hideout down below with some wood for a fire. He is a youngster wearing very distinctive clothing and I had seen him earlier this morning walking up just abelow St. T's dormitory windows going about his business as a legitimate wekker? Why these wekkers would have me believe they are vagrants I cannot imagine.
Do they seek to continue THEIR version of the joke that Mike Oliver and Allen Spence so carefully initiated? *coughs..... someone might inform them that its wasted on me?

The streetlights today? Switched off for the early morning rush hour and back on as I type this.

to end - I am perfectly happy being allowed to play trivia on efnet at all. That a new room had to be created to avoid me? cest la vie...... *laffin again.....


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