Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bali's remote chirruped this morning at the exact moment I climbed out of bed a few minutes before 4.00am..
I fear his increased enjoyment of the coffin-nail will lead to problems as the weather inexorably hots up. Having even one window open must surely detract from the aircon units output?
Give it up mon Capitan! You constantly hear what the fags have done to me and yet you still persist?
Fond though I am of you, your weirdness is almost on a par with mine. The poolside light? Off again last night.
Now why would you care what I whitter on about here? and care enough to call in erm, Danny the Oscillator man? this morning?
Much busyness and activity right by the new light as I sat there earlier.... adjustments being hastily made no doubt.
All the interesting machinery/computers? tucked into your patio also seem to have changed. I havent been paying attention and wonder now if the green active lights can still be seen there..Possibly not..
But WHY would you bother? That is the question...Just in case? Of WHAT? you funny boy!
Appears to have been another big water run-off overnight from below the Senior Boys Hostel at St. Theresa's. The ground is now so saturated at the bottom of the hill there is nowhere left for the water to go. Nice pics thanks.
May I guess that the words 'Electronic Signage' are going to be bandied about a great deal now, to cover up at least some of the Big Brother devices? Neat.
The streetlights are on as I type this.
Sunday 29th October, 2006 at 3.35pm