Monday, October 23, 2006


Lets get straight to the point here. Either the Courageous Captain himself or one of his merry band of chums (get-together blogged yesterday) deliberately smashed into our gates at about last night.
S. the Book heard the car revving to try and get up mon Capitans driveway and shortly afterward, heard the crash as it hit our gates. Nice one and I would bet my life that ding will be hastily mended today.

Also worth mentioning that the Captain has changed his lighting system since Saturday. Could that be because my old man (even with his less than perfect eyesight) was privy to the Bedroom sensor so clearly the other morning? Too little too late Bali :P
So, either Dan the Oscillator man (a man of many and varied talents to be sure) or one of yesterdays revellers have set up the concrete lantern shaped light next to the pool. This was tried out for the first time in ages overnight and appears to have again the activated sensor on top of the light. Will have to check though....
Meanwhile, alas and alack i have to report back that shining the pool light onto the bedroom sensor box hasnt solved your problem and the sensor is still highly visible from our verandah. Oh and now we also have small ceramic cap? lighting up where it goes into the Captains roof. Small stuff ja but hopefully entertaining?

and on to bigger things: I see now a diary entry of mine for Friday 20th October saying that our dodgy streetlight series had been burning on all day and then switched off at dusk that evening.
Could it be that word was out the sharp-eyed old lady across from No. 14 was no more?
For, dear reader, in the wee hours of Saturday morning the 21st (with the streetlights still conveniently OFF) young G's car was stolen. Bolt cutters used on their huge gate and the gear lock removed.

So much for me accepting the Muni's Big Brother scheme as a world-wide trend!
and the corrupt shall inherit the earth more like......

May I repeat again that the sensors moved all over the show at St. Theresa's are totally unimpressive. Again too little, too late. I know exactly where to go with the Trifield meter heheh.... (as if......)

The chopper took full advantage of the cycle race here in Durban yesterday and was aloft repeatedly going about its business.

This blog seems now to be taking the form of a crime report. Yes - the logical results of Mr. Allen Spence's Highly Technical Computerised Anti-Theft Devices?

Well done Al - dishonourable, unethical and now corrupt can safely be added to your decorations earned. Pardon? You didnt know? That giving control of these lights to Prakash Balliram would be utilised by the corrupt here in Sherwood? You were misled?

Not a chance! Mistuh Spence - you went into this thinking it a fine joke did you not?


Monday 23rd October 2006 at 12.10pm

Edit Monday 23rd October now 5.05pm

As is so often the case I write first and check later... Bad! Well, the concrete/type lantern is a thing of the past. I cant see what plinth the new light stands on though it still resembles a coach lamp but one made of entirely different material. Has it got extras cunningly decorating it? Is the Pope a Catholic?

My Captain home early again this afternoon though Elizabeth is still working for them... I'm guessing that she will be out of a job after Christmas as her time is up? Interesting to see whether she gains weight or not in that time. Missus Courageous claiming the Elizabeth is preggers and E. saying she isnt... fascinating!

Strange stuff while I did this blog earlier. The ever dodgy Nortons springs into life totally unbidden to do a One Button Clean up... heheh thats a first....
As the Captain seldom lives up to his name and never communicates with me formally, I have to assume that its more mischief he is up to. But its unlikely after all these years of causing problems deliberately on our computers, that he would be doing anything that actually helped us.

der Kommissar just drove by in his techno-dream car. No smile, toot or wave. Could he be irked with this toad?
I wrote AND signed a letter to him stating that I would help to fight crime in our neighbourhood to the best of my ability and that is exactly what I am doing.

I feel that I am stuck in the Stockholm Syndrome forever. If I could just get really angry with Captain Courageous - but at worst it is a mild irritation when he gives me things like a "you have been banned" window when I try to enter Phreikchat trivia.
The silliness in efnet trivia also continues. I would LOVE to chat to shrooms and Zaphod and see what nick the Captain was wearing when he first danced into mwebs studio54 claiming official status all those years back. I doubt that they can access this blog and if they could, would they see the truth at last if it bit them on the bum? Doubtful....

Our streetlights have burned bright all day today. Will they be switched off at dusk once again?

End edit......