Tuesday, October 24, 2006


A correction must be made regarding my "Upping the Ante" Blog published on Monday 23rd October. It stated that our series of streetlights were OFF when G's car was stolen.
This is as far as I can tell, incorrect. I have NO record of the streetlights being out on Friday 13th-Saturday 14th October.
They Were however, switched off overnight on Friday 20th October.
My apologies.

As to the rest? I speak the truth as I plainly see it. These streetlights and their control are being used to further corruption despite whatever official claptrap is spouted.

The local CPF Sector Meeting last night was very quiet but pleasant enough. I could do an entirely separate blog just on the beautiful Carol who once again had her hair covered. Am I such a poor judge of character? I genuinely like her and hope the DrugLord knows what a treasure he has.

The little wave that I was given as mon Capitan left home this morning made my day. Yes, I did notice his car parked higher up the drive than usual was it on Sunday? Possibly to hide any damage marks from our gate? Pfft ... just a long shot that but may I give you all a newsflash here?

I really dont care about the gate. If Captain Courageous or his friends choose to display such utterly cretinous behaviour it merely strengthens my contention that to allow one so irrisponsible so much power over so many unsuspecting people is corruption at its ugliest.

I am sure that there are many who advise him to merely wait, as revenge is a dish best served cold. and revenge Im sure he will ultimately have in the long run heh... for this blog and all slights in the past, real and imagined.

My symptoms as a result of his tender and constant ministrations, are at times astonishing. I am still able to step back and study them clinically. Plus the strange markings on Nobby and now Sophie's coats.
The signal reception indicator on my cellphone dropping down to one marker until switched off and reloaded?
The electric phone battery constantly running down so quickly?
My little camera constantly misbehaving?
And for the last few days we are back to the weirdness of the landline giving a chirrup at odd hours of its own accord.

Getting into Phreikchat trivia this morning and finding that somehow I have reverted to my WretchedToad nick as opposed to CacklinToad? and then minutes later the total screenfreeze?
Why do I feel as though the Stealthy one from Eskom hovers nearby?

A lovely and informative chat with Pratheeka this morning as you well know. She really has so much to be proud of and it is truly sad that der Kommissar in his infinite wisdom sees fit to treat them so shabbily. I cannot pretend to understand the reasons for this but no doubt there is an agenda that will eventually come to light?

Not one but 2 choppers up last night. A much heavier and noisier one checking out the work being done just beyond St. Theresa's towards the city as der Kommissar headed swiftly south west on the horizon in the opposite direction ....

This while I was busy studying the extremely bright sensor on top of Captain Courageous new poolside lamp.

The streetlights have been on all day once again.

Is it thought by any that I hope for clemency and respite from the deadly waves by talking and blogging openly?

Au contraire - I fully anticipate retribution and feel that i earn it. The only thing I repeatedly request, is that Bali make the effort to smile at me even as he attempts to annihilate me heheh...


Tuesday 24th October at 4.36pm