Sunday, October 22, 2006


What may appear to be arb. trivial stuff has to be added together if you really want to see the bigger picture here.

Today our series of streetlights were at last, behaving as they should. Off all day and came on at about 5.00pm. *looks at Captain Courageous.... now that wasnt too hard was it?

Dan Dan the Oscillator man popped in yesterday morning - to check the levels of erm what?

The green light blogged ages ago on the Captain's aluminium awning over his patio is merely a leak of light through from the patio itself. Why it is green I do not know.

The people that may be affected by all this testing? Pay attention closely now! For the most part it will be servants, retired people and housewives. The sort of people that have been on their properties 24/7 and 7 days a week since at least the beginning of November 2005. Babies and children not yet at school during this period have also been at risk. Though as I recall mon Capitan's youngest being shuttled off safely to a creche back then?

In fact, I have yet to hear mon Capitan's children playing in their front garden for anything longer than 30 minutes tops and that seldom enough. Very wise. The quad bikes in the valley are also a thing of the past and I would guess that young Baron is fully in the picture regarding the EMF.
(of course, having said that, they will now be obliged to do a run-through heheh..)

I was happy to see the Captain had his chommies round this afternoon for a get-together and some even braved the pool!
As my contention is, and will be till I drop, that Captain Courageous himself regulates the levels of EMF that are emitted in this area, he and his buds have little to fear from a few hour exposure in the front garden.

Cassim rang at 5.15pm this evening to say a squatter was erecting a shack in full view down in the valley. I gave him the Sydenham SAPS telephone numbers and reminded him to make a note of who he spoke to and the time of the call.
He called back at 6.00pm to say that both the Metro and SAPS police had responded and that subsequently he could no longer hear or see the vagrant.

We heard from the GOCOC Meeting last week that a Jetta had been stolen down our way. I rang Number 14 and G. told me that her brothers Jetta had been parked ON the property and stolen last Saturday between 1-5am.
Their large gate lock had simply been cut through and the gear lock on the car removed. Their neighbour next door said she had 'heard something' but not bothered to check aargh!

How extremely timeous that this theft happened a mere week after Gem, a very light sleeper with a bedroom window that overlooks number 14, passed away. Somebody knew that she was no longer a threat? Points strongly to an inside job.

Once again the monitoring installed on our verges was not used to prevent this crime.

Captain Courageous slept through it all? Or watched it being carried out? Highly-technical Computerised Anti-theft device my ASS!!!!!!!


Sunday 22nd October 2006 at 7.34.