Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ive begun going through my previous published blogs in an effort to see which of my more outrageous allegations and guesses can now be debunked.
If I thought for a minute that I could convince myself, that I have had so many misconceptions along the way proven wrong, that I must therefore be the fruitcake I have been labelled? NO - quite the reverse in fact.
Cassim's roof lights? Cmon guys - give me a Trifield Meter and I will prove that his house had had 'treatment'.
The Newton lads moving back down to the danger zone? Hmm... I would guess that money and money alone dictated that change of affairs. As Captain Courageous and Fred the Accountant both have Their small children in the area it wouldnt have been difficult to persuade him that it was safe here now?
The 2005 Trial cock-ups have been ironed out? Pfftt...only time will tell and I wait with fascinated anticipation.
I accept that there is absolutely nothing I can do except carry on as before... Trying to start a "You Have Been Micro-waved" support group.
And so to the small stuff:
The stench of sewage on both Friday and Saturday in the valleyd? Releasing water pressure?
the stupid Muni droogs from St. Theresa's ongoing participation in this scheme? Persisting in placing a 'vagrant' in the valley? Just for a laugh of course. Well, I remind you all here in black and white that should one of them venture within range of my little toy pellet gun, he may just have to be renamed One-Eyed Jack. As I walked right past the 'holding cell' last time I delivered cakes up at the local SAPS, I AM fully aware of the possible repurcussions here heh......
The chopper is still pretty much airborne every day, though again, sheer luck if I see or hear it as it is often out of earshot....
When i read that Eskom is threatening a price hike I have to smile - somebody has to pay for all of this and why not the consumers?
As much as you have all tried to anilyse and categorise me, I have my own research going....
I see my so gullible and easy-going old man, blindly ignoring the obvious signs that all is not well.
I would say that a good 95% of the population, given these circumstances, would have the same attitude. They really don't want to know.
How fortunate but unsurprising in an exercise of this magnitude.
and finally, I have to wonder whether Captain Courageous and his lady ARE in fact displaying symptoms of EMF exposure?
They seem to find it difficult to see their own staunch Nobby (easily the largest dog in this stretch of road) as he gets shut out of their property so often as they come and go.
These EMF symptoms are admittedly SO ambiguous that I now must consider adding deteriorating eyesight to the list.
Constant power dips since Friday night.
Mon Captain Courageous Control Streelight still not doing the job it was originally designed for.
Sunday 8th October 2006 at 6.16am.

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