Sunday, October 08, 2006

The smokescreen cleared this afternoon, just long enough to reveal a neat little kiddies swing-set being installed in Captain Courageous' front garden, right next to the oscilloscope.
I have consistently claimed that this area has to be one of the most vulnerable to the EMF testing.
Do I now feel lulled into accepting that the worst of the testing is over? That the PTB now have it all under control and its totally safe? Has it been put there so obviously entirely for my benefit or for the benefit of his peers? Im betting the latter heh.... Its been a Long time since my Captain threw an all-nighter or had a party outdoors in the front of Any sort.
Eish - I have SO many unanswered questions here -
Will those of us that unwittingly embraced the horrendous barrage of EM Waves in 2005 live with these symptoms forever now?
If, as I suspect, the tests are now done mainly after dark rather than during daylight hours, is this valley then free of EMF during the day or is it now an 'always on' situation? Just much more likely to cause damage at night?
My series of streetlights is at last off today - most unusual. The constant power dips since Friday evening? A few hours ago much interference on the television which has since settled down?
The noise and pressure in my ears as I sit here is at its peak. My family are out and I am at last alone and would guess that the Captain uses this opportunity to crank up my personal dose of EMF for his own amusement. I lie? (*falls about..) I LIE??? (this from a cracker and a 2nd hand car salesman lol... You decide...
Im truly interested to know whether the Captain has, at any time, admitted to the 'extra' treated panel on Clive's bathroom wall mere feet away from where we sit here in the lounge? Has he informed everyone of its specific purpose? Or is this an area which he consistently claims is merely a figment of my imagination?
As I have no idea how these panels, whatever the size, and position work, I fail to see why I would make up stuff so weird. Tis merely a gut feeling that the big panel and the two little 4" square panels on Clives garage wall have Nothing much to do with the Greater Scheme of things and EVERYTHING to do with the lame vendetta waged by the Corrupt?
I shall certainly blog the frequency that the Captains kids use this new toy. Such a coincidence that the baby was sent to a creche out of the area at such a young age but lately is left home with Elizabeth?
I literally break out in a sweat when I begin to think of the possibility of something going wrong. If I were to hear that either of the Captains two children were ill due to this madness? It might just be the straw that breaks this old toad ja...
I do not have the faith in science and technology that you all so smugly rely on. There are still too many unknown and untested factors here.
I have now, including myself, found 4 people displaying the same symptoms and possibly a 5th (this without even trying). It is pointless ranting on about the lack of ethics yadda yadda... way too much money involved for this croaker to ever be heard.
A sad and sorry lot you are indeed... even so, for the sake of the innocent here - May the Force Be with You ....
Sunday 8th October at 3.53pm