Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Twas still bucketing down at 4.00am this morning. I was pretty sure St. Theresa's top floor windows would be shut so I hiked up the top to have a dekko and YES!!! All but one window shut and what a difference!
I had a quiet chuckle here, imagining the large box of sticky sensors labelled "Herring - Handle with Care" that the Gatekeeper has plundered to do all that decorating.
As I stood there, enjoying the view, I recalled sitting in the dark on the same step, years ago (uhoh! geriatric alert!) - watching Halley's Comet. Strange how I feel that the 'current' displays of lights are almost as auspicious heh...
Spotty and his mate at No. 2 suddenly began to bark frantically and then all of the dogs south of the freeway bridge took up the cry. So I figure Mayville is now linked to our merry band?
Cassim's roof was stunning in the dark sigh.... that would be the rain right? If anything, I feel relief that there is probably NOT a huge length of fibre-optic cable in his roof after all.
His house would certainly have been 'treated' similarly to Clives and I'm betting that the Isipingo based security alarm company that Cassim uses, had several specialists working with them when they were 'fixing' his house alarm?
All this speculation and guesswork on my part will remain forever - just that. For sure, every E.Engineer worth his/her salt wouldve been roped in way back in 2004 to serve this particular Master.
Speaking of Masters? A change is due - My DroneMaster/Controller shall now be known as Captain Courageous....
May he wear his new nick with pride.. he deserves the title if only for his brave stand against a terrifying enemy (*falls about).
Though his forte has for years been to lurk furtively and attack those who cannot defend themselves, there have been rewards that must surely override things like honour and true heroism?
And so, Captain Courageous will do nicely for the moment.
When I spoke with Lutf. last week and she said Sherwood had been pretty much crime free? A good moment ja.. and then her call earlier today? That der Kommissar had kind words to say? *curtseys..
(Toad dreams of being made a Special Constable on its 61st birthday!)
Wednesday 4th October 2006 at 3.39pm

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