Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Thats better.... Now - hands up all those among you who, way back in 2004, were entranced by Allen Spence (Superintendent of Electricity, Durban) buying (literally) into the idea of using the lower end of Harris Crescent, Sherwood for their so-called Highly-Technical Computerised Anti-theft device testing?
Whoa! A veritable forest of hands there!

Now, hands up those who were still laughing after November 2005 and Basil had twice succumbed to a particularly irresponsible dose of the fabbulus EMF? Oh, and lest it be forgotten, by this time the toad was also whinging bitterly about losing the feeling in her hands and repeated nausea attacks? Hmm... still a great show of hands there ja...

Ok - last time - hands up all those who STILL chuckle merrily now in October 2006?
*Looks over at Mike Oliver, Chris Gower, Rudolph Mhlope, Mr. Mkhoba, Howard Whitehead, Johan Stoltz, Rosemary Naidoo, Sean Mudaly, Deven Pillay, Saleem Moosa, Shaheen Bhoolla, Raj Drochand, Theunis, Richard Mays, Pieter Bezuidenhout, Andries Retief, Steve Stander, oh, and all the clever but totally gullible youngsters out there in trivialand....
Yes, I see that most of your hands are still in the air but are you really still laughing? Or has the laughter turned just a wee bit hollow?

Do you all happily ignore the fact that for instance, Sue the Book is now having amazing problems with her teeth and her joints? She is of course blessed with an unobstructed view of the cell mast opposite as well as the Muni's latest output..haha???
Ah well, I would guess that even if and when I cease to actually amuse you all, there is always your money to count?

And so, on to..

I was privy to an unexpected treat this morning at 4.00am. I climbed the stairs in the dark to see what huge machine was working so noisily at that hour and, there it was!

A big flat-bed truck with three strange structures fitted on to the back at intervals and lights on them. This was swarming with droogs. They were busy 'adjusting' an overhead streetlight pole on the Sherwood/Mayville offramp from Westville.
This particular pole must be i) of some importance ii) giving repeated trouble as this is not the first time I have seen it receive such huge attention.

However, it IS the first time Ive been able to see so clearly the reason for all the stunning lights. Since Cassim so kindly thought to have the huge tree in his garden removed, I have now an almost unobstructed view of this fly-off. Alas though, the Munis Weeping Fig trees prevent me from seeing more.
I watched them all scurrying about for a couple of minutes and then a Mike Oliver look-alike appeared walking down the bank from the freeway proper and spoke to them. All the lights were swiftly dowsed and it trundled off quickly under the bridge.
As I had of course, already woken Capt. Courageous by either activating the kettle jackpoint or crossing the alarm sensors on Clives garage wall, could it be that the Capt. had hastily called the Head droog on site to say they had an unwelcome audience?
The Mike Oliver look-alike (Ethekwini Electricity Security Div) was wearing what appeared to be a larnie suede & sheepskin jacket. I can only assume from this that the air safely BEHIND the EMF is several degrees cooler than the residents in Harris Crescent are experiencing?
On the other hand, I have seen how quickly these teams scuttle about on two other occasions and they could merely have been trying to get out of the area before daylight and nothing whatsoever to do with this old wrinkly standing open-mouthed in awe, gazing at the scene.

Parks spent today cutting in the valley below. I see across the other side on the hill a great deal of Very wet ground now that the grass has been removed. A run-off from St. Theresa's perhaps? Very creative.... NOT...

On such a still day I could hear der Kommissar while he was over the Randles Road area. The sound of his rotor carries a long way. I had given up rushing outside to wave as his flights are way too frequent nowadays.
On this occasion though, I had time to gallop out onto the verandah and greet him as he flew over.

I have some decent pictures of the Captains attractive new poolside lamp. Despite the smooth domed top, it has a truly brilliant sensor perched at the apex which appears when switched on. Innocent? Nope, I dont think so....

Young snoopy_inc suddenly posting on threads I had forgotten about in myadsl? A good lad indeed and dutifully reminding the forum (as if they had forgotten?) that the toad is a gibbering eejit... *laffin...

One of Captain Courageous amusements going back as far as last year, was to send surges to the jackpoint we use for the little hand-held hairdryer. Many was the time it would cut out while Plum or I were using it and the old man correctly diagnosed that it was overheating (though he didnt know why).
Bali (aka Capt.C) eventually tired of this silly sport and for months now the dryer has given absolutely no problems. I have rather a lot of hair and it happily dries it all in one sitting without overheating.

This morning being always the day I wash my hair (the Capt of course knows the Most intimate details of our daily routine) I had the feeling that he would probably attempt to test drive his new equipment (i.e. the poolside lamp) So i WROTE a quick note to the old man silently to the effect that I anticipated problems with the hairdryer.
BINGO! It cut out after a very short while and had to be left to cool down.

Silly Bali! I have taken to writing things down fairly often when it is something I would rather not share with my nextdoor neighbour lol....
Tread softly there.......


Wednesday 25th October 2006 at 3.35pm