Monday, October 30, 2006

Missus Courageous was passing this Sunday afternoon and stopped to promise us treats for Diwali. And so it was indeed...... no typical plates of sweetmeats for the toad, but rather keeping to the Spirit of the Festival of Light, I have been given my own XXXOS SENSOR! *falling about here....
The Captain and his crew did not appreciate that his poolside light could clearly be seen by any casual observer on the street, and has made hasty alterations. Both his vehicles (not counting the BMW in the garage) sit almost totally dark on their driveway this morning, no poolside light worth mentioning (though I would be a complete fool heheh to believe it was beyond redemption) and I certainly wouldn't encourage my small children to use the nearly new swing set anymore either !
The nice smile I got on Monday morning is the stuff that keeps me going.
Once again Nobby was shut out on Sunday night. It IS deliberate as Bali was home. Sue the Book kindly shut him safely on her property and took herself to bed.
I danced around like the great eejit I am yesterday trying to get him back to his home and have to wonder now whether the Captain is bribing the dog to behave badly just for a laugh? It is, after all, fireworks time and it would be cool if the Courageous Twosome could see that their dog is not left out on the road at night or during the day.
Of late my Captain has become extremely coy. Does he think that the toad would speak quietly to someone and say to come and see?
Forget the quietly here. I speak as I've done for ages to anyone and everyone and little good it does me as always. So why only now do you scuttle with unseemly haste beneath your rock? Funny boy.....
The winning smile you bestowed on me yesterday when leaving for 'work' was just that - a winner!
Never mind that yesterday morning my teeth and ears were roaring their displeasure at the new arrangements/installations. - above all I am flattered that you consider me worthy of attention after all this time.
and so, may I direct any remaining interested parties down into the now, brilliantly lit valley below Harris Crescent and suggest that they study the so-called 'telephone pole' at the foot of Number 12s property.
My humble effort (see much earlier blog) Freddie & His Pilot Lights refers.
You will clearly see that in the row of standard telephone poles, this beauty stands out on its own.
It has its own steel cable support on Fred's property and I'm guessing more besides. The sheet of corrugated iron just inside the corner of the wall next to the pole protects what?
After yesterdays swift additions at Number 12, we now have a HUGE spotlight (that is Not a light) which appears to have been placed on the roof of Fred's servants quarters. Whether this is the same light that also illuminates the valley so brightly is debatable...
Yes, I can see at least one of the newly installed lights when I stand at the top, but it is impossible to see unless you are ON my property. *applauds...
a definite cranking up of the ante by a good few notches here?
I went up at 5.45am today and yes, my new spotlight is Still shining brightly albeit full daylight. The streetlights were off already at the time. I would guess this new light hides something rather wicked in spite of Fred having 2 small children erk.
The petty stuff on my PC continues unabated. the lame and deliberate lagging of the keyboard (completely different to the lag I'm normally treated to in trivia rooms), the unbidden activity of Nortons, the name change on Phreikchat.... silly ja, but old habits are obviously hard to break are they not mon Capitan?
Dips in the house power system are once again on the increase as well.
I fully see how we have been sold downriver, though the 30 pieces of silver have bought some wonderful toys. The chopper dancing along the horizon last night as always..
I shall continue here and in the real world to laud the Project Manager of this wondrous scheme. Allen Spence, Superintendent of Electricity for Durban.
I very much doubt that the red-eyed Al is even aware of my contribution here and would not be bothered to read it if he were.
He got what he paid for after all, and any wickedness that takes place in his initial test zone is of no further interest to him at all..... I'm betting he is a church-goer *vomits...
My days are numbered here whether Bali persists in saying its all in my head or not.
If you choose to take the word of a cracker and a 2nd-hand car dealer so be it.
I called the Missus at Number 12 at 7.50am to invite her to our next CPF Meeting, though it is unlikely she or her husband Fred will attend. Told her she had 2 new spotlights (she really didnt sound as if she was aware of them), and to keep her young children away from the bottom of the garden.
The streetlights are back on as I type.
Tuesday 31st October at 8.43am.
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