Sunday, October 08, 2006

When I look back and recall how my every move, sound, what I wore etc. was reported over the web for years, I have to admit that it is fairly liberating to realise that mon Captain is not quite so keen on being monitored himself.
On publishing my Fact or Fantasy blog I expected reprisals from an irritated Captain Courageous and so it was indeed...
pure luck late in the afternoon getting into Phreikchat trivia. was told to go away as the network 'was experiencing problems' but persisted and literally fell into the room heh. doubt that will be allowed to happen again in a hurry ja... Nice to see Giggsy who made his statement by leaving immediately :} The awesome HottieGramps arrived later and what a pleasure it is to just sit and watch whoever HG is, play ..... I was not lagged or pinged at all but ended up just sitting and watching as I am absolutely out of my league against a player so brilliant.. lovely stuff....
Sitting in front of the telly a while later I realised that the EMF had indeed been cranked to the max as my hands were bad and All my teeth aching.
I went outside at 8.30pm and studied Bali's control streetlight (still ostensibly out) It was absolutely glowing! All the sensors facing our house shine brilliantly. He had for a change, left his back door floodlight off so even the sensors on Kitt i and Kitt iii were shining beautifully in the dark.
The smell of sewage very strong a while earlier.
At bedtime I see that 2 of the wicked orange lights burn fiercely and plenty of the others on as well. I would guess that the damage we take here is mainly from the wall lights at the Senior Boys Hostel complex facing us. There are just way too many of these big orange lights to be shrugged off as standard.
The pretty lights on the 1st floor at St. Theresa's no longer intrigue me. I admire them simply as pretty lights.
I noticed a piece of cloth/clothing left up on the Recreation blocks roof Friday or Saturday. When that structure is activated I figure my ears will be flattened against my pointed head!
Monday 9th Oct.....
Since posting yesterdays Fact & Fantasy, I see a large, attractive shrub has been judiciously placed next door to block my view of their latest acquisition by the pool, as I come down the stairs. Strike one?
der Kommissar's whirlybird wakes me at 3.45am this morning. I turn off all the outside lights and go sit up the top.
The eerie light pervades the whole valley now. Interesting to note for the first time that a lumo glow comes from a section within Bali's newer aircon unit situated directly outside S's bedroom window. Not something I had seen previously.
May I remind you that as yet, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my eyesight or my hearing - tis only the actual reporting that is clumsy as ever.
I flash the chopper as he finally goes overhead after 4.00 am...
Sunday 8th to Monday 9th October, 2006 ended 6.25am