Monday, October 09, 2006

I believe the Muni's official party line was that they wish to connect all residents, business and so forth, making communications a simple matter. The official tests for this system were apparently started in 2004.
This was the year when Allen Spence, so called Projects Manager for Ethekwini Electricity first had all the new devices attached to our streetlight poles in Harris Crescent. I became aware of two unusually large white boxes - one attached to my neighbours streetlight and the other to mine. At night in the dark there was a clearly visible red sensor light on each. When I finally complained about the constant electrical intereference we were enduring on our computer, television and other electrical appliances Mr. Spence actually came out himself and we spoke for 15 minutes or so on my verge.
He earnestly explained that due to cable theft higher up on Jan Smuts highway some time before, they were now installing what he called a Highly Technical Computerised Anti-Theft device on our poles.
Though this made absolutely no sense to me as, in the 30 years of living in this stretch of the Crescent we had never had cable stolen, I accepted what he said.
However the intereference with our electricity supply continued until finally after my continued complaints, a gentleman came and removed the two dodgy white boxes.
Of course now with hindsight, I realise that we ARE the test zone for the Municipality's Wireless Big Brother Operation. Why I was told an outright lie I have absolutely no idea. The ultimate aim of this Big Brother scheme is to make it possible for the Government/authorities to monitor individuals should they 'step out of line' in any way. By linking up all properties be they private or business they will be able to enable their wireless powered devices should the need arise and to monitor the individuals landline phones, cell phones, computers and even on occasion CCTV cameras. This system has already been officially admitted to being used successfully in the Westminster area of London.
My point is this: there are going to be many more illnesses related to this particular charming operation. There have in the past been a few instances of people damning Cell Masts for the EMF they put out. This I would venture to suggest, is very similar but on a much grander scale using the existing infrustructure of street light poles and power.
The symptoms of over- exposure to Electro Magnetic Force fields are sufficiently ambiguous for the authors of the scheme to feel free to experiment at any level despite the consequences this may have on innocent people.
At its worst I have no doubt it will awaken cancers. I have already found 4 people in my immediate neighbourhood (including myself) displaying the symptoms below and possibly a fifth.
Pressure in the ears, actual earache, high-pitched buzzing in the ears, headaches. Back teeth aching. Joints aching. Constant tiredness. Depression. A frequent feeling of extreme heat (completely different to the usual Hot Flushes). Pins and needles in the hands. Hands going completely dead or burning.
I would suggest that if someone displays all or any of these symptoms they be asked the following questions:
Have Telkom or the Municipality (or any contract workers) been working in your area recently? Has a neighbour had work done i.e. house painting or roof repairs? Have you had power cuts in your area recently? Have the electricity department been 'fixing' your streelights? Has your own house power supply been behaving strangely? i.e. lights going on and off unaided? I would strongly recommend that if you have a live-in servant you pose these same questions to her. It is possible that she is displaying these symptoms but too afraid to mention them.
There is, in my opinion, absolutely nothing that can be done other than support being given in large doses. The Big Brother Plan is being adopted world wide and we are simply going with the flow.
There are not sufficient suitably educated monitors to watch the levels of Electro Magnetic Fields that are being used for this project and therefore, some of us are going to suffer more than others. I would have guessed that only 1 person in about 100 would be hypersensitive to these waves but having found four in such close proximity it is obvious that at some stage (im guessing November 2005) there was a gross output of these levels, unchecked and unmonitored.
There will be doctors who will send patients for all sorts of extra expensive tests when faced with these symptoms. Whether the levels of radiation? remain in the human body at all times once they have been exposed I have no idea. If there were a machine available to monitor these levels that have been absorbed it would be a far simpler matter to make a diagnosis. Treatment however is another matter. I do know that an oscilloscope can be used but there are all sorts of other meters though I doubt readily available in this country to the layman. I predict that there will be many more cases of illness related to this Grand Scheme and that it is time the medical fraternity paid a great deal more attention to this matter. Over-exposure to Electro Magnetic Force Fields seems to be swept under the carpet. Understandable when you consider the billions that it is costing the country to link up every town, village and city to Big Brother. It would be pointless to contact Local Authorities Health Departments as I remind you that they are all Municipality affiliated and have only the Departments interests at heart.