Friday, October 20, 2006


Our series of streetlights (under Captain Courageous control), were out last night.
Possibly just exhausted having been on all day?
So my old man rang the Faults line at 8.55pm last night and was given a report number and told that there could be anything from a 5-10 wait before they are attended to! Wow! Now theres one for the books! The streetlight teams must be really pushed to the max 'currently' (heh).

However, being as how we ARE an area of such importance and value to the Municipality, I would hope that the Captain switches these streetlights back on quite soon and without any deliberate surges or spikes.

Practically every/any problem with the lights in this section is manually and deliberately engineered for a specific reason.
As I recall, the last problem we had was at the beginning of this month and culminated in the arrival of the cherrypicker on the 9th October to 'adjust' mon Capitan's own light....

To a lay person, keeping ONE series of lights functioning correctly would seem to be a simple task. Not so......

As we have been repeatedly informed by the SAPS that our particular stretch of road is a High Risk area due to its proximity to the Freeway, we would hope that this power failure is given priority status. :}


Saturday 21st October at 5.51am.

Update on Sunday 22nd October at 6.52am

I am beginning to wonder if there isnt some sort of Electrical Engineer Dyslexia going about. Since posting that my series of lights are out at night from pole number 6 up to number 16 in Harris Crescent - I now notice that these same lights come ON during the day and are switched off in the evening! There has to be a good reason for this surely? I took Sophie up for a stroll after 9.00pm last night and see that there are still residents foolish enough to leave their vehicles unattended on their verges. Sad that.... luckily I then saw the fancy new SAPS 4x4 patrolling down the road. I wonder if the SAPS have noticed the lack of street lighting in our section and doing special patrols for us? Good on you if thats the case..