Friday, October 20, 2006

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The thumping beat from Captain Courageous' stereo system threatened to overwhelm me with nostalgia as I sat outside reading this morning. I recall so well the first two years after their arrival here and how hard he had tried to encourage us to move, by cranking up the volume day and night.

Of course, way back then we hadnt bonded and formed the unique and permanent relationship we share currently. Nowadays when I hear the doef, doef, doef, I am charmed as I know then that he is not 100 feet from me :} I cannot guess why he is home at such an unusual hour today, but just enjoy it while it lasts.

An interesting question for you here. Do all the large banking institutions share their information freely? Discovering another Balliram fairly high up with FNB - and Captain Courageous having been seen behind the counters at Absa (computer security?) makes one wonder........

My visit up to the Station yesterday raises even more questions.
What I wonder, did der Kommissar say to the Commander of the CPU and the AFrican Officer sitting with him in his office when he saw me tottering up the driveway with my humble offerings? When I walked into his office the Commander had no ready smile and more an air of embarrassment about him. The African officer looked amused if anything and der Kommissar? He is always the same - watchful and never gives much away at all.... interesting as always...

The sensor spotted in the dark this morning after 4.00am tucked just under the eaves at the point of St. Theresa's church? Leaves me totally unimpressed. It is now the top of the statue's head or nothing.

For the last few evenings we have been having a Lot of power dips to our system and this would be due to......?
I see this morning that our streetlights are once again being judiciously dimmed for the rush-hour traffic and turned up to normal strength a bit later.

Having survived a day and a half without the Christmas Beetle choir singing in my head I can report that on waking this morning they were back in full voice.
Rather too much fumbling about with your system yesterday afternoon and evening regrettably. (oops! hang on a sec! my comfort is not a concern lol.) At several points, considerable toothache and waves of ear pressure.
Now does mon Capitan the Courageous shake his head and swear he was nowhere Near the controls and has 20 family members who will verify this? *choking..........

and so we come to my baby PC and the harsh treatment it has suffered lately. I discovered yesterday that it is no big deal to just transfer photos from my little camera onto the memory stick.
And so... entirely due to the Captains unpredictable temper, in future I shall have all pictures transferred onto my Memory stick safely before a) having prints made and b) Possibly attempting to share them with you on the little PC.

My attempts at drawing? Really rather pathetic at the moment but again, either the Captain refrains from corrupting everything (*laffin) or I will stay off... (like he would care heh)resulting in yet another area of my profoundly intelligent speculation being closed to you.
(consider the Lost Ticket Sales here Bali) You did not care for the picture of the Muni droog and his assistant in the cherry picker changing the red marker on your streetlight and you cared even less for the picture where I marked two of the large killer lights up at the Boys Hostel? So what? Just leave me alone kiddo.... well, if you want a quieter life that is .....

On the matter of Nobby's strange and recently acquired affliction..... The fur on his back has gone all patchy and dark? What happened? Am I to Google 'visible symptoms of over-exposure to EMF on animal fur?' Hopefully this is just wild surmise on my part and there is a logical answer to the question.
Your connections my Captain, with the DSTV people? Were noted hmm the year before last as I recall. While I am aware that your are a Jackpoint controller Supreme I do think you have people/friends within this organisation as silly as ureself .....

I have yet another Secret.


Edited & added to at 5.08pm:
Chopper up at 4.40pm. Hovering almost directly overhead studying St. Theresa's Orphanage and church. A better look at it I shall never get! Some really strange lights on the side and underneath the chopper itself. I wouldnt know where landing lights etc. are positioned but these were white coloured lights so.....
it now occurs to my demented mind that the chopper has been somewhat customised? ala Kitt i and Kitt ii and even Kitt iii? Yebo! And the many daily trips aloft for what I had thought were just to survey the work completed? Nope - i hazard that its more than that and in actual fact I think the chopper is activating stuff on the ground.
Laugh if you will :}

Friday 20th October 2006 at 3.30pm.