Friday, October 13, 2006

It should be born in mind that the Superintendent of Electricity, Durban, Allen Spence's own words for his project were: A Highly-Technical Computerised Anti-theft device.
Going up the top last night I noticed that Captain Courageous streetlight pole outside No. 6 looks pretty much like an ordinary pole now. The blinding new lightbulb and cover work as a 'brilliant' distraction. However, as always, standing down in my garden one gets a different view of things entirely. The t-bar at the top of his pole still glows with an eerie lumo glow and there are sensors shining at that angle.
The fact that every movement on the verges is monitored makes it simple for the Brave one to immediately douse whichever sensors are on bright, using his computer. Fantasy? Not at all.
My Hero is trying now to blend into the background and disappear. On whose advice?
I shall continue to invite all and sundry to visit my verge if not my home to see the wondrous sights all around. Course with my lack of communication skills the Beast will have little to fear....
Once again, I cleaned out the dark green plastic tub that lives tucked under the shrubs in the front garden. I see it is definitely taking on a white chalky, brittle appearance (the actual plastic) and I have to wonder to myself how often the kids next door will be safely using their new plastic swing set installed last week... idiot!!!!! Ive not heard it being used at all so far but probably just bad timing?
If the reason for placing it so prominently there in the front garden is to purport to do his OWN tests on the plastic? Then may I remind you that Sophie's tub is right under the shrubs in Full shade at all times. A different set of criteria altogether and one which I hope Madam Courageous is going to personally monitor VERY closely. Standing in the sun all day will surely hasten the effects?
5 or even 10 years down the line your girls will just be starting their lives so to speak? Aaargh!
The light on St. Theresa's church roof has not reappeared. Im keeping my fingers crossed that one of the more adventurous Muni droogs will scale the actual statue of Her Holiness and place a sensor on her head! Just for a lark mind you....:}
The bedroom sensor on full strength last night at 9.00pm and again when I rose in the dark this morning. What gems does he hope to glean or is this just his perverted obsession still? You have got to love it!
Shut out of all the channels on Phreikchat last night with a connection error.
Captain Courageous has indeed earned his 'current' title. *barfs.......
Saturday 14th October 2006 at 6.31am