Monday, October 02, 2006

Every wakin hour..... my poor obsessed Controller had the bedroom sensor cranked up to maximum brightness when I stepped out onto the verandah at 4.50am this morning. Sure,the wind was fierce but what purpose is there here? Is he now desperate for some tiny but juicy titbits to pass on to his peers for a laugh? Like what? *toady changes her single ticket to the Funny Farm for a double.....
I do not readily choose to discuss how the EMF (deliberately directed at this house, via the treated wall next door at Clives) affects me physically.
I accept that I am among a minority that are hypersensitive to these 'waves' and have managed so far, to live with it.
My Controller once again grows more irritable and irresponsible with each passing day. He shrugs off my constant reminders that he may have been involved in destroying or at least shortening an innocent mans life?
He certainly is perfectly safe from any repurcussions and has, I feel, pretty much been given carte blanche when it comes to 'dealing' with me.
Small things: The deep humming noise in the legspace beneath the PC desk even when all the plugs are pulled out? Interesting. Certainly not all the time, but on 3 recent occasions it has been perfectly audible.
The fact that I now cant post pictures using Picasa to my blog? I finally realised that a picture drawn some years ago and only put on this pc a week or so ago, of the cowardly TopBrass of Telkom and Mweb, may just be the reason for the sudden glytch so I deleted it. This hasnt gotten rid of the problem and my speculation that the Masses will be controlled in however small a fashion, is confirmed.
I was summarily disconnected while playing trivia on efnet last night at 9.00pm... a little muscle flexing? Naturally the ISP for the attack appears to be masked.
On start-up a Nortons popup saying problems with email scanning appears but the problem vanished in spite of not being attended to?
Small inconsequential things maybe, but i have to conclude that Bali is irked and bored. A really well thought out choice of Monitor by the Municipality? You decide.....
Again I am awed by the amount of money being poured by the bucket-load into St. Theresa's. Unprecedented and one has to ask whether it is now Government funding or an anonymous billionaire donor?
Several dips in the power supply during Saturday evening and the chopper up several times most days and nights. More thousands being spent.
Sophie has taken uncharacteristically to crawling under the bed at lights out time. I have noticed that while our bedroom light is on, the lights over at the Snr. boys hostel appear to be dim and hidden for the most part. However, if I wake later during the night and look they blaze brightly and my ears feel great pressure and hands go dead? So after hours it is legitimate to crank it up Bali?
The Muni is playing a game of Russian Roulette with ordinary law-abiding citizens' lives.
Did they really grasp the longterm implications when they rushed to sign the deal, or were they truly blinded by greed and power? Your guess is as good as mine....
And to close.... ask yourselves WHY I persist in my allegations, against a mountain of disbelievers? Why our PC and power supply continues to be totally controlled - if i am merely a harmless lunatic?
Monday 2nd October 2006 at 1.06pm

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