Friday, September 29, 2006

At the bottom of the box there is always Hope....
A strange thing is hope. On bad days I can feel it rush past me and leave - but then a while later? There it is, back where it belongs.... weird..
What exactly do I hope for? Pfft... pretty much the unattainable..
That some brave person will knock on Basil Arendse's door and give him a 'new' 2nd hand car(to replace his that was stolen a couple of weeks ago in spite of the buddylock being on) and a cheque for 100ks and admit that there IS a strong possibility that his life expectancy has been considerably shortened due to greed and the headlong rush for power.
That some brave person will admit to distorting facts regarding this toad and omitting large chunks of the truth along the way.
That my Controller attend Anger Management Classes and be made to live in my PC forever.
That this toad be allowed to help the SAPS Sydenham and all the really good policemen and women that work there, in whatever small capacity she is capable of.
That the monitoring system and EMFields are watched extremely carefully by QUALIFIED technicians.
That crime in Sherwood as a result of this monitoring system, comes to a standstill.
That young GgAtrius (aka Shrooms) be told that the Controller and his Masters are fully responsible for any anxiety he may have suffered in the past.
That my Controller teach me the basics of a good Firewall and how to manage it, even though it take a year to achieve this. And that he does this cheerfully and without rancour.
Sigh...... a fantasy world of wishes yes...
in reality? I can anticipate more nausea, pressure in my pointed head, dead hands, and Christmas beetles singing loudly. The overpowering stench of sewage and blocked sites on the PC. To always be alert for unwelcome and uninvited 'visitors' deliberately sent to harrass us - strange things happening with our house power supply and even more unexpected power cuts. Eish.......


Friday 29th September 2006 at 3.45pm

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